Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jeff and Elizabeth Salter's daylilies.

     I wrote a segment last year on Jeff and Elizabeth Salter's daylilies, but I felt as if I didn't post enough pictures, so this year I am going to focus more on posting the pictures I took at their garden back in 2011.  I will be going down to visit them again this May, so I am really excited to see their new daylilies.  The daylily at the top of the page is a Salter seedling that I believe to be their new 2013 introduction "The incredible Earl Watts."  Nice teeth!  The one right below it is of Elizabeth Salter's "Serenade in Springtime."  One of my favorites.  I will break this write up into two segments, since I have so many pictures to share.

This photo above is Jeff Salter's 2012 introduction Chorus of Angels.

The photo above is Elizabeth Salter's 2012 introduction Mix and Match.  Another favorite of mine.

This photo above is Jeff Salter's 2011 introduction Vintage Velvet.

This photo above is Jeff Salter's 2010 introduction Fully Exotic.

This photo above is a Jeff Salter introduction called Romney Marsh.
Next week I will feature even more great Salter daylilies.  Hope you enjoyed part 1!

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  1. Absolutely love the vintage velvet! I would love to have one of my own!!!