Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NUT GRASS......The dreaded grass you can't get rid of.

      Better known as Yellow Nut sedge.  Oh, it's a pain to get out.  I wanted to throw out my 2 cents on my experiences so far with nut grass.  In my backyard I have a really bad nut grass problem.  I asked some friends on Facebook what they suggest.  The best advice I got was once the nut grass is up if it before June 21st, spray it with Sedgehammer Herbicide.  If it is after June 21st, use Dismiss Herbicide.  For me when I decided to treat the nut grass it was after June 21st, so I chose Dismiss.  At the top of the page is what my backyard looked like before.  In the pictures below you can see how well Dismiss worked.  Now, I still have to wait until next year to see my results.  I am hopeful that it took out most of the nut grass, but we'll see.  I also posted pictures of both Sedgehammer and Dismiss below.  You can buy either one on Ebay.  DO NOT SPRAY EITHER CHEMICAL ON THE DAYLILY FOLIAGE.
This was after my first treatment of Dismiss.
You can see most of the nut grass started to yellow the first week.
This picture above was taken in October at the end of the season.  Hoping the nut grass does not come back.  We will see this coming May.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Friend, Roy Woodhall

     Last month my friend, Roy Woodhall passed away.  I will miss Roy a great deal.  For the past 15 years I have known Roy Woodhall.  Visiting Steve and Roy in the months of July and August was always something I would look forward to.  After Steve's passing, Roy made sure that I got some of Steve's best daylilies to work with including Steve's namesake daylily, Gaudeamus, Piece of Sky, Mahdi, and many others.  Roy was famous for describing his daylily hybridizing as a blind squirrel finding a nut, but I think the thing that I will remember more than anything else about Roy was how unselfish he was.  If we can all be a little more like Roy Woodhall, the world would be a better place.  I will miss you my friend.