Thursday, November 1, 2018

Stripes, Speckles, and Spots 2018.

             Angela Ridder seedling. Spring 2019 introduction, name pending.

                              Rich Howard (Stuart Kendig, 2019 introduction)

   WOW! 2018 was a great summer for striped, speckled, and spotted seedlings. I was amazed by the number of cool seedlings being hybridized by my friends.  Here's this week's picture show:

                            Rich Howard (Stuart Kendig, 2019 introduction)

                                       Stuart Kendig seedling 17-01.

Explosion in the Paint Factory (Rich Howard) Photo by Paul K. Lewis. Parent of many of these striped daylilies above. Rich Howard won an HM for it this year.  Very deserving.

                    R2D2 Colorful Chaos (Chad Bush) Photo by Peter Donato.

                                               Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                           Clown Pants (Steve Todd) Photo by Peter Donato.

                                    Clown Pants seedling (Dave Mussar)                 

          Bill Waldrop seedling (Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane X Undefinable).

                    Dave Mussar seedling (Sp. Freaky Tiki X Undefinable).

                     Dave Mussar seedling (Clear Conscious X Undefinable).

                            Dave Mussar seedling (Splatter X Undefinable)

                             Dots Galore (Dave Mussar, 2016 introduction)

                   A Hard Day's Starry Night (Dave Mussar, 2018 introduction)

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  A LOT of exciting things happening in this category of daylily hybridizing.  Next blog segment I will kick off my interview season with Dan Hansen.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Patterns from 2018!

                           Chris Furlow seedling CJ016-18. Lovely pattern.

                                 Di DeCaire future intro for 2020. Wow!

Thought I would gather some of the nicer photos of patterned daylilies I have seen on the internet this year.  Patterns are really leaping forward quickly.  It is an exciting time.  Here are some pics:

                        Karol Emmerich seedling 8417. Cool purple seedling.

                                Guy Pierce Greek Art seedling. Awesome.

                       Guy Pierce seedling (Bone Shadows X Cross Bones)

              Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Totem and Taboo X Waves of Joy)

Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Yumph X Waves of Joy) Look carefully at the edge.  Patterned as well! A breakthrough!  Really special.

           Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Get Jiggy X Tavares Special Effects)

                         Sound Tracks (Guiru Zhang) Photo by Chris Furlow.

                           Greek Art (Guy Pierce) Photo by Chris Furlow.

Join me again in the next couple weeks when I post some of the stripey/speckled pics from 2018. All photos are the property of each person and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Has been a fun bloom season this summer.

Lewis seedling out of Wheel of Time (Petit) Very unique looking. First year it's bloomed.
                                          Pharaoh's Arrows (Guy Pierce)

  It's been another very fun bloom season.  I am still collecting pods and trying to line out last year's crosses.  Always busy.  So, I just wanted to posted some pics of some of the better blooms from this year.  Hope you enjoy them.

                                Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Karol Emmerich)

                               Lewis seedling out of Ticklish (DeCaire)

                             Ring Necked Pheasant (Luddy Lambertson)

                                  Dreams Come True (Mark Carpenter)

                        Lewis seedling out of Four Beasts in One (DeCaire)

That concludes this week's picture show.  Trying to get organized for this year's interview season.  Hope to have some great hybridizers to feature.  Be patient with me.  Things should pick up in the late Fall.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A real breakthrough daylily.

                             Valentina Gripas new speckled daylily seedling.

                           Valentina Gripas new speckled daylily seedling.

   I was looking through Facebook the other day when I came across this beautiful daylily seedling from Valentina Gripas from Ukraine.  From what she said, it just started blooming this year and is not for sale.  What a fantastic looking daylily.  A real breakthrough.  Here are some more pictures below:

These pictures are the property of Valentina Gripas and use without prior consent from her is prohibited. I'd like to thank Valentina for allowing me to share these pictures.  My blooming season is winding down and I should be able to post some pictures very soon again and hope to have some really fun interviews with hybridizers you all know and love.  Stop back in soon.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dark Eyed Daylilies.

                              Karol Emmerich seedling 10817.  Stunning!

                 Teddy Bear Eyes (Eric Simpson) Photo by Theresa Maris.

  I think I first fell in love with dark eyed daylilies the first time I saw Jeff Salter's Moonlit Masquerade.  I still enjoy seeing it as it is always an early season bloomer.  Sometime later I saw the daylily Dan Trimmer named for his wife, Jane Trimmer and was really blown away by that.  Over time there has always seemed to be newer dark eyed daylilies that have caught my attention.  Here's a few I have seen posted recently:

                      Tango Lessons (Dan Trimmer) Photo by Theresa Maris.

  Karol Emmerich seedling 11716.  (I think this and Tango Lessons need to be crossed together.)

                       Falkor (Mary Frank Gaskins) Photo by Claudia Conway.

                           George Seurat (Stamile) Photo by Don Longton.

                     Summoning the Night (Jeff Salter) Photo by Patrick Guidry.

                       Jane Trimmer (Dan Trimmer) Photo by Carol A. Sims.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that brief segment.  The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina daylily convention is going on this weekend and I hope you all are having fun.  Wish I could be there, but work keeps me busy.  Starting to see some bloom, so it won't be long before my garden starts up again.  Hope you are all well.