Friday, April 24, 2015

Crintonic Gardens....The daylilies of Curt Hanson. Photos from the summer of 2014

     Every year I try to get out to see my friend Curt Hanson about 3 or 4 times.  I learn a lot from Curt and enjoy how he approaches daylily hybridizing.  Here are some pictures I took from the 2014 season. 

Pictured above is a Curt Hanson sculpted seedling.  Probably my favorite sculpted seedling of Curts.

Pictured above is his daylily Sigourney.  Steve Moldovan was quoted as saying, "what have you done Hanson?" when he first saw this daylily in the seedling field.  LOL!

Pictured above is a red sculpted Curt Hanson seedling.

Pictured above is Curt's daylily Desperate Housewife.  It is a great early season daylily.

Pictured above is Curt's daylily Penthouse Playgirl.  Incredible branching on this one as you can see.

Pictured above is Curt's daylily The Future of Desire.  Also very nicely branched.

Pictured abovc is Curt's daylily Building the Colossus.  Did I say this one was nicely branched as well?  Beginning to see a pattern here?

Pictured above is Curt's daylily Back to Nature.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures folks.  Getting closer to daylily season every day.  Happy gardening my friends.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some other interesting seedlings from last year.

     As the next daylily season quickly approaches, my thoughts turn to some of the seedlings from last year that showed some promise.  The seedling pictured above is from the cross Dale Hensley(Smith) X Roses and Gold (Stamile P.)  I was expecting more a red from this cross, but pleased with the result I got.  Some other seedlings I photographed from last year are below.

Seedling above is from the cross Intaglio (Maryott) X Keys to the Kingdom(Hansen)

Seedling above is from the cross Dale Hensley (Smith) X Born to Run (Stamile P.)

Seedling above is from the cross Jack MacRitchie (Lewis) X Bellagio (Lewis)

Seedling above is from the cross Steve Moldovan (Moldovan) X Violet Becomes You (Stamile P.)

Seedling above is from the cross Calamity Jane (Trimmer D.) X Carolina Dale. That is all for this week.  Hope to post a few more pics in the coming weeks. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

My favorite seedling from 2014.

      I don't think I've posted a lot of pictures of my favorite seedling from last summer.  I think this daylily tried to bloom in the summer of 2013, but the fan just wasn't mature enough.  Last summer it finally showed itself off for the first time.  It is planted in one of the worst spots, so I'm hoping to transplant it to a better location.  I figure if it looks this good in a lousy spot, hopefully it will get even better in a new spot.  (Fingers crossed.) This daylily was one of my friends, Wayne Listkowski's favorite seedlings of mine.  The cross is Desire of Nations (Emmerich) X Cottage Pattern (Ross). 

 I would like to add that I have gotten a lot of great seedlings from Karol Emmerich's Desire of Nations.  It is an awesome parent and one I would highly recommend getting.  Hope you enjoyed the pics.