Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fabulous Daylily Garden Pictures!

                             Photo by Dora Merrill.  Beautiful photo Dora!

                                               Photo by Dora Merrill.

  Thought this would be a good opportunity to show some outstanding daylily garden pictures from around the country.  With nothing further, enjoy the picture show:

                                               Photo by Bob Selman.

                                          Photo by Julie Covington.

                                  Photo by Claudia Conway. Gorgeous!

                                             Photo by Sheila Caldon.

                                           Photo by Pauline Lavigne.

                                        Photo by Kathleen Nordstrom.

                                           Photo by Bobbie Brooks.

                                          Photo by William Schaeffer.

                                            Photo by Kirsten Hatfield.

Well folks, hope you enjoyed those great shots.  All pictures posted were used with permission and each photo is the property of each person.  Use of these photos without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks for stopping in. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

More patterns!

                                   Di DeCaire future intro Janet Carol.

               Eric Simpson seedling T 12017-2 (Garden name: Papa Pattern)

Every day we get closer to Summer and another daylily season.  It's been a slow warm up this Spring and many of my daylily friends are still experiencing snow.  Hopefully this picture show of some patterns from around the country will lift your spirits.  Hang in there!

                  Dave Richardson seedling (Venetian Pools X Waves of Joy)

Mike Derrow seedling ( (Special Candy X Whale Tails) X Sometimes Shadows Speak))

               Mary Frank Gaskins seedling A 02-2016 (Whale Tails seedling)

                                       Di DeCaire (Ticklish seedling)

                        Bob Faulkner diploid seedling (Orange Turkey Tail)

                        Bob Faulkner diploid seedling (J.T. Polston / future)

                Mythology (James Townsend) Photo by Alexandra Khasianova

                Viva Las Vegas (Guy Pierce) Photo by Mary Erickson Bergum.

                      Venetian Pools (Guy Pierce) Photo by Claudia Conway.

I want to thank all my daylily friends for sharing their pictures.  All photographs are the property of each hybridizer and use without prior consent is prohibited.  I hope to feature some pictures of Daylily gardens next.