Friday, May 31, 2013

My Florida trip, Memorial Day weekend part 1.

     Well, I was lucky enough to visit the Salters, Ted Petit's garden, Floyd Cove, Dan Trimmer's garden, and Luddy Lambertsons.  I really enjoyed seeing each and every program.  I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from my trip, so I have to break it down into two parts.  Today at the very top is Jeff Salter's future introduction, Sunny Side Up.  I really love yellow tets. and this is one I must have when it is released.  Featured in the middle of this page is Larry Grace's 2013 introduction, The Ultimate Sacrifice, which I photographed in Jeff Salter's greenhouse.

Featured at the bottom of the page at the top is Ted Petit's Cobalt Rings.  In the middle of the three photographs is Elizabeth Salter's 2013 diploid introduction of Cosmic Aftershock.  Very nice! And at the very bottom of the page is a future diploid introduction from Luddy Lambertson.  Hope you enjoyed the photos and I will post more next weekend.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heidi Douglas's new seedling (Browns Ferry Gardens)

     I was perusing my Facebook friends pages when I came across this beautiful patterned seedling from Heidi Douglas from Browns Ferry Gardens in South Carolina.  I emailed Heidi to see if I could share a picture of it and she said yes.  The cross is Dragonfly Dawn X Whale Tails.  WOW!  Nice job Heidi.  It is featured at the top of the page.
     Along the same lines, I also love their 2012 introduction Kermit the Frog, hybridized by Charles Douglas. I have put a recent picture of Kermit at the bottom of the page. To contact Browns Ferry Gardens email and their website is  Hope you enjoyed seeing such great daylilies.  I will probably be off my blog for a couple of weeks because I have to plant and dig shipments.  I will return in June.  Happy gardening.