Thursday, December 25, 2014

Applique patterns.

     Happy holidays to all my daylily friends.  Hope you are enjoying your day today.  Here in Cleveland, Ohio we have temperatures near 40 degrees and no snow on the ground.  A green xmas if you will.....which I love!  Last winter was brutal, so this December has been a nice reprieve. 
     Let's move on to one of my favorite subjects.....applique patterned daylilies.  Purple daylilies have always been a favorite of mine to hybridize with.  Maybe that's because all of the hybridizers in my immediate area are some of the leaders in purple tetraploid breeding, including Steve Moldovan and Curt Hanson.  Back in the early 2000's I was growing Bill Munson's Voltaire and Curt Hanson let me have some pollen from a Jeff Salter daylily called Premier Surprise.  I was just crossing a purple with a purple, not considering the fact that both had applique throats.  The result was a seedling I affectionately called the "Star" seedling.  The throat had a star shaped applique throat, hence the garden name, Star.  I brought the first bloom over to Curt Hanson since I was so blown away by it's appearance.  He grabbed his camera and took a picture and featured it in his slide presentation when he showed his program in previous years
.  I really appreciated his support.  I later introduced it as Millennium Falcon in 2011.  You can see a picture of Millennium Falcon in my profile area.  I am currently completely sold out, but I know that both Rich Howard of Connecticut sells it as well as Luddy Lambertson.  My number one parent bar none, if you are breeding for applique patterned tet. seedlings.  Don't be fooled by it's short size.  While it is a front of the border daylily, all of it's seedlings are in the 27 to 30 inch range.  So, today I wanted to show you a couple of seedlings from Millennium Falcon and some other applique daylilies which I have come to enjoy.
     At the very top of the page is a collection of blooms from this past season.  The appliqued daylily is Everyday Butterfly from Clyde Grammon.  I just got Everyday Butterfly this season and am excited to use it in the coming years.  The other daylilies in the photograph include from left to right, Tavares Towering Inferno (Harry), Ay Papi (Harry), Tet. Cosmic Kaliedoscope, Expanding Galaxy (Smith), Dragonfly Tattoo (Trimmer).

The daylily pictured above is Han Solo (Lewis), which is out of a cross of Millennium Falcon and Catcher in the Eye (Kinnebrew).

Here is a photo of Lavender Echoes (Trimmer) and Han Solo (Lewis).  You can see how large Lavender Echoes is next to Han Solo.

Above is a photo of a Millennium Falcon seedling.  It is out of a cross involving Spacecoast Behaviour Pattern.

Pictured above is a seedling out of Millenium Falcon which has some sculpting.

Pictured above is another of my seedlings....this one out of Pat Stamile's Applique.

Pictured above is Jeff Salter's Quiet Riot.

Pictured above is Pat Stamile's Racing the Moon.

Pictured above is Dan Hansen's Fins to the Left, a very large flower that occasionally shows some teeth.

Pictured above is Bob Selman's Alien DNA, a very good parent.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this installment.  Have a wonderful holiday.  Hope to post more
in the new year, so stay tuned.  Merry Christmas to you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

2015 Introductions are up!

      Well, looks like winter has come early in northeast Ohio, so since I have a little extra time on my hands this morning I thought I would post pictures of my newest introductions on my blog.  I am only introducing 4 daylilies this year.  I've been pairing back the amount of daylilies I grow from other hybridizers (no offense to any of them) so that I can grow more of my seedlings.  Here are my 4 introductions for this year.  Tavern on the Green is the only one that is currently sold out and is featured at the top of this page.  Tavern on the Green is a DIPLOID.  I don't introduce many diploids, but this flower is outstanding.  It is out of Jack Carpenter's Our Friend Sally and Lee Gates daylily Evelyn Gates.  I had it guested with Mark Sattelmeier in Florida and some noted hybridizers saw it and wanted it immediately.  Larry Grace was one who already has a plant and I'm hoping he's converted it.  I would love to see the tet. flowers that Tavern on the Green could produce.  I don't have any seedling pictures from Tavern on the Green at this point only because I sent it off to be guested the year it bloomed.  Hopefully next year I will see some first blooms.  To see all these introductions, log on to my website at
Pictured above is my first yellow introduction Obi Wan Kenobi.  Yellow is a difficult color for me to hybridize because it is one of my favorite colors in daylilies.  My friend Curt Hanson has hybridized many incredible yellows and it helps me decide what to keep and what to compost by seeing what he chooses to introduce.  Obi Wan Kenobi has that great green throat that really catches your attention.  It also has a lot of buds which extend the bloom season.  I don't have much to sell as it is very limited.
Pictured above is a daylily I named for our local Cleveland, Ohio weatherman Dick Goddard.  Dick has been doing the weather for 40 years now.  He has always been a very dependable forecaster and never one to over sensationalize his predictions.  The thing I like about the daylily Dick Goddard is on occasion it shows a pattern.  Most days it has a nice bluish eye on a light purple flower.  Easy to use setting pods without any work.  Very limited at this point as I have only one plant left.

My last introduction for 2015 is Bellagio, pictured above.  I looked back over all the years I have introduced daylilies and every year I have introduced a red daylily.  I would have to say Bellagio is my best red tet. intro to date.  It has this fantastic red color.  Probably tied for best plant habit with my 2012 introduction, K.J. MacRitchie, and is a very easy pod setter once established.  I look forward to seeing more of it's offspring this coming year.  Another very limited daylily that I only have one plant left of.  Hope you enjoyed seeing more pictures of my introductions.  I hope to feature more pictures in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Friday, October 17, 2014


     I am trying to catch up on posting some of my favorite pictures from this daylily season and I have a lot more pictures of patterned tetraploid daylilies to share.  My hybridizing has shifted gears over to tet. patterns.  No disrespect to diploid patterns.  Because of my Moldovan and Hanson influences, I have always preferred tetraploids.  Let's get started.  The beautiful patterned daylily above is Dan Hansen's 2013 introduction Debra Jorgensen.  This pattern really caught my eye this year.  It's currently reblooming in my garden right now.  Hope you enjoy the picture show.

Pictured above is Dan Hansen's Whale Tails.

Double bloom of Whale Tails.

Pictured above is Jamie Gossard's Butterfly Ripples.

Pictured above is Guy Pierce's Stencil De Fresco.

Pictured above is Di Decaire's Gentle Soul.

Pictured above is  Karol Emmerich's Handwriting on the wall.

Pictured above is a Moldovan seedling I am currently guesting. 

Pictured above is Ted Petit's Royal Cypher.

 I hope you enjoyed this week's installment.  Fall is coming on fast.  Getting ready to post my 2015 introductions soon.  Only 4 this year.  Happy gardening to you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I like to think I live in the teeth capital of the United States.....which is the state of Ohio.  It is such a blessing to be able to drive (not fly) to Jamie Gossard's, Mike Holmes, John Benz, or Tom Polston's at the drop of a hat.  I did manage to get to Jamie Gossard's Heavenly Gardens this year and saw some really cool toothy daylilies.  The purple seedling at the top of the page is one of Jamie's seedlings I fell in love with. The cross for this seedling is Dragon Fang X Rosy Spiketail.  Here's some more toothy daylilies from my garden and Jamie's garden this year that I think are in a class all their own.

Pictured above is Jamie Gossard's Larry's Twilight Bite.

Pictured above is Jamie Gossard's Hooked on You.

Pictured above is Jamie Gossard's Beastman.

Pictured above is Lee Pickle's Horny Devil.

Pictured above is Tom Polston's Deadliest Catch.

Pictured above is Ken Dye's Megabite.

Pictured above is Steve Moldovan's Gaudeamus.

Pictured above is my introduction Angels and Demons.

Pictured above is my seedling from the daylily Shabby Chic.

Pictured above is Kim Kuzminski's Needle in a Haystack.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures of some really cool toothy daylilies.  Hope to post some more patterned daylily pictures in the weeks to come.


Friday, August 15, 2014


     Well, it's been too long since I posted on my blog.  I was all set last March to post all these great pictures and one of my flash drives malfunctioned.  It had a LOT of my pictures from the previous year and from places I've visited. 
     This year has been a lot of fun, but not without it's ups and downs.  I still have to battle the local deer in the neighborhood.  I use deterrents to keep them from eating the daylilies.  I've probably lost about 5 to 7 buds, which is a miracle given the amount of daylilies I grow.  My hybridizing focus has been patterns.  More specifically tetraploid pattern breeding.  Here are some of the daylilies I am growing and breeding with.  The patterned daylilies at the top of the page are Dan Trimmer's Waves of Joy. One of my favorite patterned daylilies.
The daylily above is a seedling of mine out of Get Jiggy. 
The daylily above is Ripples and Reflections from Mort Morss.
The daylily above is Ted Petit's, So Many Ripples.
The daylily above is Ted Petit's Cobalt Rings.
This daylily above is a seedling from Dan Robarts.
The daylily above Di Decaire's Four Beasts In One.  Another favorite.
This daylily above is a seedling of mine out of the daylily Steve Moldovan.
The daylily pictured above is Pat Stamile's Get Jiggy.
The daylily above is Ted Petit's Zoe Allegra.
The daylily pictured above is a seedling of mine out of Jerry Hyatt.
The daylily pictured above is a seedling of mine out of Desire of Nations.  I hope you enjoyed this weeks segment.  I will try to post more when things slow down this winter.  Thanks for checking in.