Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daylily pictures taken by my friends.

        Tavern on the Green (Paul K. Lewis) Photos taken by Nikki Keeton Schmith

The month of May is here and it is gradually warming up.  It's been a tough spring in Northeast Ohio.  Probably one of the coldest Aprils I can remember.  Anyway, I wanted to share a couple photos taken of my introductions by friends.  Looking forward to being able to post some daylily pictures in a couple months from the garden.

     Tavern on the Green (Paul K. Lewis) Photo taken by Karen Pierce.

        Dick Goddard (Paul K. Lewis) Photo taken by Dan Hansen at Ladybug Daylilies.

       Lewis seedling (Mahdi X Steve Moldovan) photo taken by William Marchant in his garden.

Both Tavern on the Green and Dick Goddard are sold out, but can be purchased on the lily auction. They are being sold by Abundantdaylilies.  Thanks for checking in and here's hoping everyone is well.