Friday, November 27, 2015

Toothy daylilies, summer of 2015, part 2.

     There were so many wonderful toothy daylilies that I saw in my garden and others that I have to post a second segment to this toothy post.  At the top of the page is my future introduction,
 which I will call One for Roy, named in honor of my friend who passed earlier this year, Roy Woodhall.
I hope you enjoy the picture show of the rest of the toothies below.


                                Vampire Romance (Dan Trimmer)

                                     Dan Hansen seedling

                              Anne's True Gratitude (Dan Hansen)

                Anne's True Gratitude (Dan Hansen) 2016 introduction.

                                  Guy Pierce toothy seedling

                                      Iver Jiver (Dan Hansen)

                             Snapper Rocks (Dan Hansen) out of Iver Jiver.

                                 Dan Trimmer seedling 3-96

                                  Beware the Piranha (John Kinnebrew)

                                Vampire Fish (Jamie Gossard)

                               Skin of my teeth (Karol Emmerich)

                                  Pins and Needles (John Rice)

                                    Estelle Rice (John Rice)

                                     Forestlake Point Lace (Harding)

                               Show your teeth (Dan White)

                                 Veto (James Townsend)

Well, that about does it for this toothy installment.  Hope you enjoyed these.  Hope to do some more installments before the end of the year.  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Toothy daylilies from the summer of 2015.

                   Forestlake Pleats for Laura X Dr. Stump (Dave Mussar seedling)

                  Forestlake Briar Patch X Deadliest Catch ( Dave Mussar seedling)

      It has been an excellent summer for toothies!  Featured at the top of the page are two Dave Mussar seedlings he has given me permission to post. (photos taken in his garden) Wow, those are some excellent toothies!  Well done Dave.  Below you will see more toothy daylilies that I photographed in my garden this year.

                                 Spinefeld (Guy Pierce)

                                 Black Horns (John Benz)

                                Beastman (Jamie Gossard)

                               Hip Hop Music (Dan Hansen) hardy here in Ohio!

                              Seedling of mine. (Spinefeld X Veto)

                             Guy Pierce seedling taken at Floyd Cove this May.

                            Bites like a thousand teeth (Nicole Devito)

                          Gaudeamus (Steve Moldovan)

                          Annabelle's Fishing Lure (Rick Yost)

                         The Sting (Bill Waldrop)

                          Moldovan seedling S448-5 out of See me, Feel me, Touch me.

Hope you enjoyed this installment.  I truly enjoy toothy daylilies and these were some of the best of the season.  Hope to feature appliques in my next installment.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2016 Introductions are up.

     My 2016 introductions are up.  There are 4 of them.  I try to limit the amount I introduce because I want to only select what is the best, in my mind's eye.  Featured at the top of the page is Leonard Brickley, which I believe is the best of all 4 intros.  Lovely purple.  Lost the parentage tag, but I am almost certain it is from using Steve Moldovan's purple intros.  There are 3 more below.

                               Peg Campbell (Lewis 16)

                              Donald Campbell (Lewis 16)

                               Fred Campbell (Lewis 16)

That is all for this installment.  I am working feverishly on pictures of the best toothy daylilies from my garden this summer.  Stay tuned.  To view these introductions click on

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patterns from 2015, Part two.

      I really enjoy patterned daylilies.  I wanted to include some more from this past summer.
At the very top of this page is Deborah Jorgensen (Dan Hansen).  This was one of my favorites from the past year.  Pictured right below it is The Fantastic Barbara Watts (Jeff Salter).  Enjoy the picture show of some other patterns from this past summer. 

                               Four Beasts in One (Di Decaire)

                            Bee Buzzes (Di Decaire) Parent of Four Beasts in One.

                            Lemon Zebra (Tim Bell)

                            Totem and Taboo (Di Decaire)

                            Tully Mars (Dan Hansen)

                            The Potters Touch (Larry Grace)

                             Tet. Colorful Etchings (Pierce conversion/ Carpenter)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks picture show.  I hope to feature some of the best toothies in the next installment.  Happy Gardening!