Sunday, November 22, 2015

Toothy daylilies from the summer of 2015.

                   Forestlake Pleats for Laura X Dr. Stump (Dave Mussar seedling)

                  Forestlake Briar Patch X Deadliest Catch ( Dave Mussar seedling)

      It has been an excellent summer for toothies!  Featured at the top of the page are two Dave Mussar seedlings he has given me permission to post. (photos taken in his garden) Wow, those are some excellent toothies!  Well done Dave.  Below you will see more toothy daylilies that I photographed in my garden this year.

                                 Spinefeld (Guy Pierce)

                                 Black Horns (John Benz)

                                Beastman (Jamie Gossard)

                               Hip Hop Music (Dan Hansen) hardy here in Ohio!

                              Seedling of mine. (Spinefeld X Veto)

                             Guy Pierce seedling taken at Floyd Cove this May.

                            Bites like a thousand teeth (Nicole Devito)

                          Gaudeamus (Steve Moldovan)

                          Annabelle's Fishing Lure (Rick Yost)

                         The Sting (Bill Waldrop)

                          Moldovan seedling S448-5 out of See me, Feel me, Touch me.

Hope you enjoyed this installment.  I truly enjoy toothy daylilies and these were some of the best of the season.  Hope to feature appliques in my next installment.


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