Thursday, October 20, 2016

Toothy daylilies from this past summer.

Mike Holmes Gnashing of teeth seedling.(Future intro)Photo courtesy of Mike Holmes.

                                  Dad's Black Gold (Mark Sattelmeier)

     Well, it has been another fun summer, but all good things must come to an end.  I've had to put a lot of work into the garden this fall, so it's been a while since I've had time to post.  Today is a rainy day and I won't be able to work outside, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch up with my daylily friends.  These are photos from my garden and around the country.  Really nice toothies.  I am excited to share these pictures with you.  Check them out:

                     Paul K. Lewis seedling (Blue Eyed Dragon X Spinefeld)

                    Paul K. Lewis seedling (Thistles and Thorns X Mort Morss)

                         Spacecoast Chomp Chomp (John Kinnebrew)
             Weirdly Wired (Lambertson 16) Photo courtesy of Claudia Conway.

                                     Vampire Romance (Dan Trimmer)

                         Curt Hanson seedling.  (He calls it 707 toothy)

 Cheryl Mae Taylor (John Kulpa) A future intro.  Very nice toothy. (Photo courtesy of John Kulpa)

                                  Vampire Academy (Tom Polston)

                                    Hooked on you (Jamie Gossard)

 Respect (James Townsend) This one repeated 2 and 3 times this year. Nice rebloom.

Dave Mussar seedling (Rosemary Mussar X Transylvania Tango (Derrow))Photo courtesy of Dave Mussar.

   Harold Steen (Phil Korth) This one really impressed me opening on cold mornings.

                     Chad Bush seedling. Future intro this coming year.

Elaine Seifert seedling (Photo courtesy of Elaine Seifert)(Ruffled Strawberry Parfait X Something in my teeth.)

               Paul K. Lewis seedling (Dr. Stump X (Shabby Chic X Orthodontist))

    You probably wouldn't guess that I am into patterned daylilies more so, but if you live in Ohio...chances are you have a love for toothy daylilies as well. I do enjoy them and always have.  Hope you enjoyed this segment as well.  I hope to follow it up with my patterned daylily segment next.  When I have time....of course.  Happy gardening.