Friday, March 27, 2015

Moldovan Gardens power point presentation "A pattern to success."

     My good friend Mike Holmes recently posted an old Moldovan Gardens power point presentation called, "A pattern to success" on Facebook.  I asked Mike if it would be alright if I posted some of these pictures on my blog, and he said of course.  I love how these slides show when using ones own lines you can create some really amazing results.  I am only going to show the progression up through Steve's introduction Piece of Sky.  I am currently using Piece of Sky, but I haven't bloomed any seedlings from it. I enjoy using Piece of Sky, because I like to think about all the years of Steve's hybridizing that went into that flower, and what an honor it is to be able to use it today.  Here is the presentation below:

                                          VERTICAL HORIZON (Steve Moldovan) X
                                           DIGITAL IMAGERY (Tony Slanec) =
                                           PIECE OF SKY (STEVE MOLDOVAN)
                                   S436-00: (Vertical Horizon X Digital Imagery)

This is my picture of Piece of Sky taken last year in my garden.  I will be exciting to see what I get from Piece of Sky in the future.  Hope you enjoyed this slide presentation.  Special thanks for Mike Holmes for sharing this with me.  Spring is here.  Looking forward to the beginning of another season.  Happy gardening to you all.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Deer problems in the daylily garden.


    Ever since I've lived in Northeast Ohio and grown daylilies, I've always had problems with the deer eating them.  They will come in and clear cut hundreds and hundreds of daylily buds at one time. (see image at top of page)  They will show up at night when I am asleep and unable to chase them away, or they will show up when I am at work.  They seem to remember where they feed and they will continue to come back unless you figure out how to repel them.  Now I've tried just about everything from using bars of Irish Spring soap, to placing human hair around the garden, and even trying predator urine, but none of these worked very well.  As I've found from researching this subject, you can't use just one thing.  You have to use a combination of products.  Below I will outline what has worked the best for me. 

Green Screen baggies.  (you usually get 20 baggies in a box, cost around $20)  You hang these baggies on stakes around your garden.  This was the first deer deterrent that I used that worked well.  They are good for the entire season and if you really want to protect a specific daylily, try putting a tomato cage over it and hanging baggies at different heights. 

Deer Scram deer repellent.  This is a granular repellent that you have to spread around the area that you want the deer to avoid.  You have to re apply after it rains.  I like to go over an area repeatedly until a barrier is created.  I don't find the smell offensive, but the deer can't stand it.  It is one of the best products I have used in repelling the deer.  (cost for a small container: $20)

Nite Guard Solar lights.  Since deer tend to feed at night, I found this product to be especially helpful.  It is a flashing red light that is charged up during the day by the sun.  The red light flashes at night.  You can place them on stakes around the entrances to your garden.  The deer are confused by the red light thinking that it is a predator and avoid that area.  I find that neighbors think it is a security system and hopefully it will repel burglars as well.  (cost for a single light: $25)

Scarecrow sprinklers.  This is a sprinkler that is connected to a hose.  It has a motion detector on it.  When the deer approach the area where they want to feed, the sprinkler is activated and scares the deer away.  I have not used this product yet, but hope to this season. Some of my friends that grow daylilies have reported that it works well for them.  (cost for product: around $50) 
Well, that just about sums up the products I use to combat the deer problem here.  I think last year I only lost 3 buds to the deer.  That's pretty good considering how fast the deer population is growing in Northeast Ohio.  There are other products that are good as well, but I find that these above have worked the best.  You can purchase most of these on Ebay, or by Googling the name.  Hope this helps you get some relief from the deer.