Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Crintonic Gardens...a view across the garden.

Crintonic Gardens, seedling field, photo taken in May 2016. (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                           Crintonic Gardens, seedling field July 2016.

   Having the opportunity to photograph Crintonic Gardens and the daylilies of Curt Hanson on a regular basis has been a blessing over the years.  The photographs I will share below are of
 the culmination of 30 to 35 years of hard work Curt has put into this beautiful property. I mainly show the daylily garden, but there is so much more to Curt's property.  He grows so many different perennials, shrubs, and trees.  It seems as if there is something in bloom every month of the season.  Here are some of the pictures I have taken during peak bloom:

July 4th, 2016.  Daylilies and hybrid lillies
are just starting to come into bloom.

July 16th, 2016.  You can see things really get
going in mid July.

Seedling field in August. Curt's program has
a good variety of earlies, mids, and lates.

Fresh seedling field, planted and mulched.
Those daylilies will be mature in 2 years.


View of the guest house. Curt takes the
daily blooms in there to harvest pollen.

Peak bloom, July 16th, 2016.

October 28th, 2016.  Fall settles in on
Crintonic Gardens. What a difference.

July 2012, photo of Curt's pond.  We had a
drought that year. Water levels were low.

July 2016, history repeats itself.  Another dry
summer and the water levels were similar to 2012.

                                                                                         Curt has been building retaining walls and terraces in his spare time each fall after he is done with his peak daylily season.  He has finished up most every part of his property and the results are amazing. It has been many years in the making.

I hope you enjoyed this visit with Crintonic Gardens during peak bloom. To view Curt's new intros, log on to  Thank you for checking in.  I hope to feature more garden pictures from other folks gardens in the next installment.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Curt Hanson's intros, past and present.

   Electric Lady Land (Curt Hanson 2017 intro) photo courtesy of Curt Hanson.
   I have been waiting for this to be introduced.  One of my personal favorites!

                                      X Ray Eyes (Curt Hanson 2017)

     I always enjoy seeing what Curt Hanson introduces each year.  Curt is very particular about what he puts his name on.  He always says to me that when you introduce something, it will be grown in other people's gardens, so you want to make sure any daylily attached to your name represents itself well.  It's easy to see that when you walk amongst Curt's intros. They are easy to grow and have excellent plant habit.  Curt doesn't use any artificial culture, so what you see in his garden is what you will get in yours as well.  Here are some more of his intros:
                                  Clash of Absolutes (Curt Hanson 2017)

                                      Cozy Fanny (Curt Hanson 2016)

               Pink Thunderbird (Curt Hanson 2011) Another favorite of mine.

                               Strawberry Alarm Clock (Curt Hanson)

           Diana Cooke Tuppeny (Curt Hanson 14) Great branching on this one!

                                   No Mans Land (Curt Hanson 2011)

                              Overcoming Illusions (Curt Hanson 2013)

                             Exit Through the Gift Shop (Curt Hanson)

                                Blueberry Scone (Curt Hanson 2011)

             The Space Race (Curt Hanson) One of the tallest in the garden!

             Edward Abbey (Curt Hanson) A very fine dark colored daylily.

                                     Curt Hanson dark seedling.

                                       Curt Hanson gold seedling

                                      Curt Hanson cream seedling

     I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment.  Next week I hope to feature some garden shots I have taken over the years at Curt's Crintonic Gardens.  To view Curt's new intros go to  Thanks for checking in.



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Curt Hanson's incredible daylilies.

                                   Identity Complex (Curt Hanson 2017)

                                     Mother Upduff (Curt Hanson )

     For the past 18 years I have had the good fortune of watching Curt Hanson's daylily program evolve.  I believe it all started when I was visiting Steve Moldovan's garden in 1999 and Elizabeth Salter (who was visiting Steve's) highly recommended me driving out to see Curt's garden that summer.  A year later in spring, my first wife and I bought a house for sale three houses away from Curt's garden and the rest is history.  Curt's new introductions are on his website right now and can be viewed by going to With nothing further here are some more pictures of Curt's fabulous daylilies.

                                     Curt Hanson crested seedling.

                Curt Hanson seedling. (I love the owl ears/folds on this bloom)

                                          Curt Hanson seedling.

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

                     Curt Hanson seedling (photo courtesy of Curt Hanson)

    I hope you enjoyed seeing a small sampling of Curt's program.  Remember all pictures are the property of Curt Hanson and use without prior consent is prohibited.  I will do a segment on Curt's new intros and some of his other intros in the next segment.  Please check back in a week.