Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Peak Bloom!

     It's been another busy week, so with nothing further enjoy the pictures. At the top of this page are a couple of shots in my front yard.  The big yellow daylily is Goldner's Bouquet (Goldner/Pruden)

The photo above is of a daylily called Slip, hybridized by James Townsend.

 The photo above is of Larry Grace's Dr. Stump.  One of my favorites of the season.

The photo above is of Angelique Fringes from Roy Klehm.

Since teeth seem to be the them the photo above is of Wild Hair from Tom Polston.  Hope you folks are having a nice daylily bloom season.  The big conference was going on this weekend in Minneapolis.  I hope everyone had a good time there.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Peak bloom!

      My, has the past couple weeks been exhausting! ...And fun!  I've been very busy, so with nothing further....let me show you some pictures.  Of course above are shots in my front yard.  The very top photo is of a Rose Kennedy seedling. 

The photo above is of Marilyn Morss Johnson.  Nice pattern.

Barcode has always been a very dependable patterned daylily for me. Pictured above.

I can't show Di Decaire's Four Beasts in one enough.  I really enjoy it.

The last photo is a of a Dan Robarts seedling he is letting me guest.  Very nice pattern.  Hope you folks have a nice week.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Almost peak bloom.

      Wow, it sure is close to peak bloom.  When it gets like this I can spend hours just writing out cross tags for all my hybridizing.  I'm sort of tired, so let's get on with the picture show.  Above is my front yard.

The seedling above is one of mine out of Millennium Falcon.

This seedling above is one of mine out of Emerald Oasis.

This photo above is Di Decaire's Four Beasts in One.  Love the pattern!

The photo above is Elizabeth Salter's Serenade in Spring.  Excellent daylily.

The daylily above is Ted Petit's, In his Image.  A very unique pattern.  Have a good week folks!