Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daylily season starts across the country.

                   Cosmic Blast (Jeff Salter) Photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

           Ben Singletary diploid seedling. (Courtesy of Jammins Daylilies)

Looks like daylily season is starting up across the country.  I thought I would share just some quick photos I have seen on the internet from various gardens. Enjoy!

              City of Echoes (Jeff Salter) photo courtesy of Patrick Guidry.

    Mike Derrow Vatican City seedling. (Courtesy of Mike Derrow) Love this one!

    Crying in the Wilderness (Karol Emmerich) photo courtesy of Mike Derrow.

                         Gary Coppinger diploid seedling.  Very beautiful!

Things are just getting started down south.  I hope to visit Florida in the near future and should have some pics to share.  Thanks for stopping in.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Excited to get these daylilies this Spring.

Helicoprion (photo courtesy of Tatsiana Smith) Dan Hansen 2017 intro.

 Positive Introspection (photo courtesy of Tatsiana Smith) Dan Hansen 2017 intro.

     I decided to put together a segment on some of the daylilies I will be getting this Spring.  Very excited to incorporate these daylilies into my program.  Here are some more:

          Awake Until Dawn (Subhana Ansari) photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

Pansy Face Charmer (Bill Maryott) 2017 intro. Can be purchased from Schreiners Iris.

 Tet. Carribean Whitney Lynn (Grace/Talbott) photo courtesy of Bill Waldrop.

            Teeth of Iron (Karol Emmerich) photo courtesy of Karol Emmerich.

                    Jumping Jack (Maryott) photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

        See the Symphony (Gerda Brooker) photo courtesy of Kirsten Hatfield.

             A Kiss at Midnight (Larry Grace) photo courtesy of Mike Holmes.

   Hope you enjoyed the picture show.  May has started out very rainy here.  The daylilies aren't complaining.  Hopefully it will be a fun season.  These pictures are the property of each person who shared them and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks for checking in.