Thursday, November 20, 2014

2015 Introductions are up!

      Well, looks like winter has come early in northeast Ohio, so since I have a little extra time on my hands this morning I thought I would post pictures of my newest introductions on my blog.  I am only introducing 4 daylilies this year.  I've been pairing back the amount of daylilies I grow from other hybridizers (no offense to any of them) so that I can grow more of my seedlings.  Here are my 4 introductions for this year.  Tavern on the Green is the only one that is currently sold out and is featured at the top of this page.  Tavern on the Green is a DIPLOID.  I don't introduce many diploids, but this flower is outstanding.  It is out of Jack Carpenter's Our Friend Sally and Lee Gates daylily Evelyn Gates.  I had it guested with Mark Sattelmeier in Florida and some noted hybridizers saw it and wanted it immediately.  Larry Grace was one who already has a plant and I'm hoping he's converted it.  I would love to see the tet. flowers that Tavern on the Green could produce.  I don't have any seedling pictures from Tavern on the Green at this point only because I sent it off to be guested the year it bloomed.  Hopefully next year I will see some first blooms.  To see all these introductions, log on to my website at
Pictured above is my first yellow introduction Obi Wan Kenobi.  Yellow is a difficult color for me to hybridize because it is one of my favorite colors in daylilies.  My friend Curt Hanson has hybridized many incredible yellows and it helps me decide what to keep and what to compost by seeing what he chooses to introduce.  Obi Wan Kenobi has that great green throat that really catches your attention.  It also has a lot of buds which extend the bloom season.  I don't have much to sell as it is very limited.
Pictured above is a daylily I named for our local Cleveland, Ohio weatherman Dick Goddard.  Dick has been doing the weather for 40 years now.  He has always been a very dependable forecaster and never one to over sensationalize his predictions.  The thing I like about the daylily Dick Goddard is on occasion it shows a pattern.  Most days it has a nice bluish eye on a light purple flower.  Easy to use setting pods without any work.  Very limited at this point as I have only one plant left.

My last introduction for 2015 is Bellagio, pictured above.  I looked back over all the years I have introduced daylilies and every year I have introduced a red daylily.  I would have to say Bellagio is my best red tet. intro to date.  It has this fantastic red color.  Probably tied for best plant habit with my 2012 introduction, K.J. MacRitchie, and is a very easy pod setter once established.  I look forward to seeing more of it's offspring this coming year.  Another very limited daylily that I only have one plant left of.  Hope you enjoyed seeing more pictures of my introductions.  I hope to feature more pictures in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.