Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Purple patterned daylilies

                             Ron Reimer diploid seedling 67-17. Fantastic!

                    Loris Garett future intro Galactic Chameleon. Diploid. Wow!

I think the first time I started to take notice of purple patterned daylilies was over at Steve Moldovan's gardens.  He had this lovely purple seedling, S919-01.  This seedling was to later be Steve's namesake daylily.  Steve bred heavily with it, but passed away back in 2006.  Roy Woodhall made sure to plant all the seeds from those crosses and my friend, Wayne Listkowski and I got to see all the seedlings from Steve's final crosses in the next couple years.  One seedling stood out.  It had a unique thumb print pattern, hence the nickname, Steve's thumb print.  (Seedling S571-5) That seedling has been sent to a friend of Steve's for evaluation, but I was lucky to be able to cross with it while it was guested here

.  Since those days I've really seen purple patterned daylilies move forward rather quickly.  I'd like to start out with some really special seedlings from Karol Emmerich below. (Thanks Karol) All daylilies below are tetraploids.  Have a look:

                               Karol Emmerich seedling 8417. Awesome!

                          Karol Emmerich seedling 9115, a favorite of mine!

                                    Karol Emmerich seedling 2116

                                   Karol Emmerich seedling 26417

                                    Karol Emmerich seedling 22717

                                   Karol Emmerich seedling 5217

                                      Karol Emmerich seedling 4817

Here's some more really special intros and seedlings, starting with the daylily Steve Moldovan:

                                    Steve Moldovan (Moldovan) S919-01

Steve Moldovan seedling S571-5 (Steve's thumb print seedling)(18-02(Ron Valente X Crack of Dawn) X 919-01 Steve Moldovan daylily)

 Ghost in the Machine (Paul K. Lewis) (Violet Becomes You X Steve Moldovan)

                       Tet. Midnight Mirror (Trimmer conversion / Lambertson)

                   Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Plato's Puzzle (Moldovan)

                                   Dreams Come True (Mark Carpenter)

Steven Scott Derrow (Mike Derrow) This intro has the best plant habit I have seen.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing just a sampling of some really special seedlings and intros.  Getting closer to getting my first interview of the season back.  Knock on wood.  Very cold right now.  Almost below zero.  Typical January weather.  Hope you folks have a great week.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Leo Sharp and his daylilies.

Clint Eastwood in the movie, The Mule, holding a bloom of Illinois Majestic (Bill Waldrop)

      Leo Sharp at his Brookwood Gardens (Photograph by Greg Bartoshuk)

   I was fortunate enough to recently see the movie, The Mule, starring and directed by Clint Eastwood.  Clint plays Earl Stone, a 90 year old horticulturist, who is a drug mule for the Sinaloa drug cartel.  This story is based on the real life story of Leo Sharp, daylily hybridizer.  I didn't know that much about Leo, so I did a little research.  Here is some of what I found:

Leo Sharp gained popularity for producing relatively small flowers with vibrant colors. His most popular creation was the Ojo Poco, a 2 12-inch (64 mm) apricot-colored flower with a red bull’s-eye at the center that he introduced in 1994. "Anyone who has over 100 day lilies in their garden would recognize it by sight," Kevin P. Walek, a former president of the American Hemerocallis Society said. There are 75,378 different day lilies officially registered with the American Hemerocallis Society. The daylily "Hemerocallis 'Siloam Leo Sharp'" is named after him.
Daylily enthusiasts visited Sharp’s flower farm near Michigan City, Indiana where he lived for decades. Sharp’s neighbors in Michigan City recalled buses filled with customers outside his front gate waiting to buy his signature flowers, almost all named after his business, Brookwood Gardens.
Here are some of Leo's introductions:
               Brookwood Ojo Poco (Leo Sharp) Photograph by Tim Fehr
  Brookwood Lee Causey (Leo Sharp) Photograph by Penny Wilkendorf
        Brookwood Wow (Leo Sharp) Photograph by Nikki Keeton Schmith
       Brookwood Black Kitten (Leo Sharp) Photograph by Ann Brickner
Leo Sharp passed away December 12th, 2016 at the age of 92.  Leo hybridized a total of 182 introductions. (Thank you for that fact Mike Derrow) I never had the opportunity to meet Leo, but I thought that I should do a segment on the daylily blog, since he had a movie based on his life story. I don't know if I will ever see another movie in my lifetime that has daylilies in it, so I enjoyed that aspect of it.  Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Leo Sharp. All photographs above are the property of each person who shared them and use without prior consent is prohibited.  I'd like to thank every one who shared their photographs as well.  Thanks for stopping in. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Some notable blooms from this year.

                                  Wedding Cantata (Clement) Lovely blooms

                                 Where there is Desire (Charmaine Rich)

Well, we begin a new year.  2019.  Looking forward to a new year with all the hopes it will be a great gardening season coming up.  Here in northeast Ohio it is about 40 degrees today with rain mixed with sunshine.  Better than snow.  Anyway, here are a couple more blooms that I thought were awesome this year

                                     Trouble In Paradise (Karol Emmerich)

                              Lewis seedling out of Dark Moon Fair (Salter)

             Green Volcano (Guy Pierce) Love the green throat.  This is a tet.

            Lewis seedling out of Citrix (Stamile) Unusual color for an orange.

   Wealth of Gold (Larry Grace) This is probably my favorite gold in the garden.

 Lewis seedlings out of Wowee Cherokee (Hensley) Love these yellow seedlings.

These pictures were all taken by me in my garden.  Some really fantastic daylilies.  Not to sound like a broken record, but I have sent out 7 interviews and none have been returned.  I'm beginning to think the people I sent them to don't intend on doing them.  It's too bad.  I really think some would be excellent to share with you.  I will have to find others that are actually interested.  Weird year for the blog.  Hope you enjoy the segments in the meantime. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

White or near white daylilies.

                                        Mike Derrow seedling T18-18

                                       Paul Van Mechelen seedling

                                           Moonsail (Stuart Kendig)

                                         Snow Globe (Stuart Kendig)

  I was trying to think back on when I first saw a white or near white daylily, and it had to be out at Rock Bottom Farms in Middlefield, Ohio. (Local daylily nursery) There I think the first near white daylily I saw was Gentle Shepherd (Yancy 80). It was very white, but it seemed to lack a little in the bud count and branching department. Also at the same nursery I saw the daylily, Joan Senior (Durio 77) for the first time.  Those two were always in the conversation for the closest to a white daylily for their time.  Since then there have been many advancements on the color.  Pat Stamile really was a pioneer for bringing the color white and cream into the modern day tetraploid daylily by doing conversions on these early diploids.  I will start by showing pictures of Gentle Shepherd, and Joan Senior, then take you through the daylilies that lead to the modern day whites.

                    Gentle Shepherd (Yancy 80) Photo by Ramona Hall Titus

                              Joan Senior (Durio 77) Photo by Darrel Apps

Pat Stamile hybridized many white daylilies over the years.  Nordic Mist, Alpine Snow, Victorian Lace, Voila Francois, Michael Miller, and Boundless Beauty just to name a few. Below are some photos of a couple of those introductions:

                        Voila Francois (Pat Stamile) Photo by Claudia Conway

                       Michael Miller (Pat Stamile) Photo by Pauline Lavigne

                      Boundless Beauty (Pat Stamile) Photo by Ronny Hermans

Below are a collection of modern whites and near whites in different forms and shades.  Enjoy:

                                      Heavenly Banquet (Bill Waldrop 18)

                                      Bill Waldrop seedling 8-738

                                     Bill Waldrop seedling 8-751

Heavenly Angel Ice (Jamie Gossard) Photo by Linda Ferguson, Stout Medal winner.

                Heavenly Snow White (Jamie Gossard) Photo by Paul K. Lewis

                            Bridezilla (Ken Dye) Photo shared by Cindy Dye

                             Small World American Beauty (Michael Miller)

                                  Small World Snow Fox (Michael Miller)

                                               Mary Baker seedling

                 Jammins Magnolia Beauty (Singletary) Photo by James Clancy

                                       White Admiral (Claudia Conway)

          Beulabelle Eckhoff (Carol Sims future intro to be named for her mother)

      Collection of white daylilies in different colors. (Image from Stuart Kendig)

I'd like to thank every one who shared their photographs to make this segment possible.  All photographs are the property of each individual, and use without prior consent is prohibited.  I must admit I was really amazed at how many white introductions there are.  It has been enjoyable doing this research.  I know I have been telling you all about these great interviews I have lined up, but out of 7 or 8 people I have sent these questions to NO ONE has sent them back.  I guess I am not high on their list of priorities. LOL!  Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.  I really want to post a couple at least before winter is over.  Anyway hope you all have a happy holiday season. Look forward to bringing you more new segments in 2019.