Friday, September 1, 2017

New Daylily Video

     It has been a really nice season for hybridizing and seeing all the newer daylilies here at the Lewis daylily garden.  I put together a 15 minute video which I posted on YouTube of my daylily garden. I filmed it on July 27th, 2017.  I am not the best commentator, but did the best I could in spite of being very tired from everything going on.  Hope you enjoy it.  To view my video click on this link:

Check back in a couple weeks from now as I hope to put up more pictures from this season and will have some interviews with some hybridizers from around the country as well.  Hope you all  had a nice summer.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Daylily season is here!

                       Di DeCaire seedling (photo courtesy of Di DeCaire)

                            Tim Bell seedling (photo courtesy of Tim Bell)

    Well, daylily season is swinging into high gear. I've been seeing some wonderful pictures of daylilies on Facebook from around the country.  There's some exciting new things happening.  Here's a couple more.

                          Pharaohs Arrows (photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis.)

      Fran Harding (A Rich Howard future intro, photo courtesy of Rich Howard.)

Death Star ( A future intro from Paul K. Lewis, photo courtesy of William Marchant.)

        Obi Wan Kenobi (Paul K. Lewis, 2014) Photo courtesy of Jacob Henry.

    Thanks for checking in.  I will probably take a break here since my own season is swinging into high gear and will start posting again towards the end of summer.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and Happy Gardening to you all!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

My visit to Florida.

                                    Guy Pierce toothy seedling. Wow!

                                    Guy Pierce toothy seedling.

    Wow, I really enjoyed visiting all my old friends down in sunny Florida.  There were some really fascinating new daylily seedlings at every garden.  And of course some exciting intros as well. Please enjoy the picture show of a sampling of what I saw:

                                         Dan Hansen seedling.

                                       Dan Hansen seedling.

                                      Dan Hansen seedling.

                                     John Kinnebrew seedling.

                                            Trimmer seedling.

                                  Sensational Heart (Jeff Salter 2017)

                                            Guy Pierce seedling.

                                            Petit/Goff seedling.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone's garden.  Pretty soon I should be able to post some pictures of my own, as daylily season is quickly approaching.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daylily season starts across the country.

                   Cosmic Blast (Jeff Salter) Photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

           Ben Singletary diploid seedling. (Courtesy of Jammins Daylilies)

Looks like daylily season is starting up across the country.  I thought I would share just some quick photos I have seen on the internet from various gardens. Enjoy!

              City of Echoes (Jeff Salter) photo courtesy of Patrick Guidry.

    Mike Derrow Vatican City seedling. (Courtesy of Mike Derrow) Love this one!

    Crying in the Wilderness (Karol Emmerich) photo courtesy of Mike Derrow.

                         Gary Coppinger diploid seedling.  Very beautiful!

Things are just getting started down south.  I hope to visit Florida in the near future and should have some pics to share.  Thanks for stopping in.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Excited to get these daylilies this Spring.

Helicoprion (photo courtesy of Tatsiana Smith) Dan Hansen 2017 intro.

 Positive Introspection (photo courtesy of Tatsiana Smith) Dan Hansen 2017 intro.

     I decided to put together a segment on some of the daylilies I will be getting this Spring.  Very excited to incorporate these daylilies into my program.  Here are some more:

          Awake Until Dawn (Subhana Ansari) photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

Pansy Face Charmer (Bill Maryott) 2017 intro. Can be purchased from Schreiners Iris.

 Tet. Carribean Whitney Lynn (Grace/Talbott) photo courtesy of Bill Waldrop.

            Teeth of Iron (Karol Emmerich) photo courtesy of Karol Emmerich.

                    Jumping Jack (Maryott) photo courtesy of Rich Howard.

        See the Symphony (Gerda Brooker) photo courtesy of Kirsten Hatfield.

             A Kiss at Midnight (Larry Grace) photo courtesy of Mike Holmes.

   Hope you enjoyed the picture show.  May has started out very rainy here.  The daylilies aren't complaining.  Hopefully it will be a fun season.  These pictures are the property of each person who shared them and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks for checking in.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daylily garden shots.

     I love beautiful daylily garden shots.  The photo above was taken somewhere in Germany, but I do not know the photographer's name.  Beautiful photograph.  Below are some more wonderful photographs taken from around the country.  I hope to continue this segment each year around this time.  Enjoy the picture show:
               Steve Moldovan's seedling garden in peak bloom, August 2008.

                                      Photo courtesy of Cheryl Day.
                                 Photo courtesy of Bonnie Nichols.
                                      Photo courtesy of Becky Robinson.

                                    Photo courtesy of Robert Coyle.

                                   Photo courtesy of Dora Merrill.

                                  Photo courtesy of Dora Merrill.

                                    Photo courtesy of Robert Coyle.

                                     Photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis.

    Hope you enjoyed this picture show.  All photographs are the property of each person and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Hope to post some more daylily pics in the next installment as we get closer to bloom season.  Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some more blooms from last summer.

                     Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Calamity Jane (Trimmer)

                             Ruby Lipstick (John Benz) Lovely flower.

   As we get closer to summer I start to think about the flowers I enjoyed from last year.  So I thought I would post some more bloom pictures.  Here are some more:
                                        Yoga Man (Dan Hansen)

   Cosmic Awakening (Guy Pierce) Probably my favorite blue eye in the garden.

               Blue Vibrations (Guy Pierce) Another great blue eye from Guy.

               Paul K. Lewis seedling out of All Things to All Men (Emmerich)

                                      Forty Two (James Townsend)

                                      Heather Grace (Larry Grace)

                                          Zyzzified (Di DeCaire)

                  Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Waves of Joy (Trimmer)

                                     Respect (James Townsend)

                    Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Gaudeamus (Moldovan)

Well, that concludes this week's picture show.   Hoping to post that garden shot segment next time.
Thanks for stopping by.