Sunday, October 21, 2018

Patterns from 2018!

                           Chris Furlow seedling CJ016-18. Lovely pattern.

                                 Di DeCaire future intro for 2020. Wow!

Thought I would gather some of the nicer photos of patterned daylilies I have seen on the internet this year.  Patterns are really leaping forward quickly.  It is an exciting time.  Here are some pics:

                        Karol Emmerich seedling 8417. Cool purple seedling.

                                Guy Pierce Greek Art seedling. Awesome.

                       Guy Pierce seedling (Bone Shadows X Cross Bones)

              Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Totem and Taboo X Waves of Joy)

Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Yumph X Waves of Joy) Look carefully at the edge.  Patterned as well! A breakthrough!  Really special.

           Paul Van Mechelen seedling (Get Jiggy X Tavares Special Effects)

                         Sound Tracks (Guiru Zhang) Photo by Chris Furlow.

                           Greek Art (Guy Pierce) Photo by Chris Furlow.

Join me again in the next couple weeks when I post some of the stripey/speckled pics from 2018. All photos are the property of each person and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks.