Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Holidays!!!

                                   Barbara Mandrell (David Kirchhoff)

            Red Fortune (David Kirchhoff) A very nice red. Highly recommended.

        Happy holidays to all my daylily friends!  Hope you are having a nice holiday season.  I thought this would be a nice time of the year to post some pictures of some of the best red tetraploids from my garden this past year.  Here is a sampling:

                        Clump shot of Heavenly United we stand (Gossard)
                        Sky King and/or Sky Dragon (Gossard) in the back.

                           Tavares Towering Inferno (Pete Harry)

                         Dale Hensley (Frank Smith)

                        Sunset Drive (a future intro from Paul K. Lewis)

                          Bellagio (Paul K. Lewis 2015) A favorite of mine.

                      Ultimate Sacrifice (Larry Grace)

    Well folks it's been a mild winter so far.  We are getting some lake effect snow today.  Somewhere in the order of 3 to 4 inches, so it's just making the xmas season a little nicer.  Hope you are all having a nice holiday season.  Hope to post some garden shots after the first of the year.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Blue eyed seedlings.

                    Vertical Horizon X Paul Aucoin (Paul K. Lewis seedling)

     I've always enjoyed blue eyed daylilies ever since seeing Steve Moldovan's introduction, Piece of Sky.  Since that time there have been a lot of improvements and varying colors in the shade of color in the eyezone.  It is an exciting time to be breeding for blue and these are a couple of my seedlings.

                                 All things to all men seedling

                                All things to all men seedling

                            Donald Campbell (Paul K. Lewis 2016 intro)

Hope you enjoyed this quick little segment.  I think I will follow it up with some of my favorite red tetraploids from this past summer in the next installment.  Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


                                 Cosmic Blast (Jeff Salter)

                           Everyday Butterfly (Clyde Grammon)

     One of my passions in daylilies is appliqued daylily hybridizing.  Since my introduction of Millennium Falcon in 2011, I have bloomed some interesting seedlings from it.  There are a couple on this post.  Hope you enjoy the pics of the others I have featured.

                                      Applique seedling (Lewis)

                              Millennium Falcon seedling (Lewis)

                                    Echo Echo (Jamie Gossard)

                        Icahbod (Mike Georges) An applique that has teeth!

                                    Racing the moon (Pat Stamile)

                                  New Paradigm (Pat Stamile)

                                    Exploding Galaxy (Frank Smith)

     That's it for this installment.  Hoping to feature some more seedlings and possibly blue eyes in the next post.  I hope you are all having a nice holiday season.