Saturday, July 23, 2016

What a summer!!!

                                   Seedling: Dr. Stump X Gaudeamus

                         Seedling: Precious Candy X All Things to All Men.

Well, it's been a while since I have written or posted pictures and seeing how the season is starting to wind down I thought I would post some of my seedling pictures.  My main love is patterns, but as you can see I also love teeth and blue eyes.  Here are some more pics below:

                               Seedling W47 out of Waves of Joy.
                              Seedling: Waves of Joy X Zoe Allegra.
                          Seedling: Marilyn Morss Johnson X Whale Tails.
                                   Seedling: Jinxy X Whale Tails
                                  Seedling: Spinefeld X Veto.
                    Seedling: Four Beasts in One X Ripples and Reflections.
     I wouldn't be from Cleveland, Ohio if I didn't post that our Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship.  We haven't had a championship in this town since 1964.  We are all very proud of our Cavaliers.  1.3 Million Clevelanders went downtown for the parade. Here are some pictures from them coming home at the airport and the parade itself.