Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Curt Hanson's intros, past and present.

   Electric Lady Land (Curt Hanson 2017 intro) photo courtesy of Curt Hanson.
   I have been waiting for this to be introduced.  One of my personal favorites!

                                      X Ray Eyes (Curt Hanson 2017)

     I always enjoy seeing what Curt Hanson introduces each year.  Curt is very particular about what he puts his name on.  He always says to me that when you introduce something, it will be grown in other people's gardens, so you want to make sure any daylily attached to your name represents itself well.  It's easy to see that when you walk amongst Curt's intros. They are easy to grow and have excellent plant habit.  Curt doesn't use any artificial culture, so what you see in his garden is what you will get in yours as well.  Here are some more of his intros:
                                  Clash of Absolutes (Curt Hanson 2017)

                                      Cozy Fanny (Curt Hanson 2016)

               Pink Thunderbird (Curt Hanson 2011) Another favorite of mine.

                               Strawberry Alarm Clock (Curt Hanson)

           Diana Cooke Tuppeny (Curt Hanson 14) Great branching on this one!

                                   No Mans Land (Curt Hanson 2011)

                              Overcoming Illusions (Curt Hanson 2013)

                             Exit Through the Gift Shop (Curt Hanson)

                                Blueberry Scone (Curt Hanson 2011)

             The Space Race (Curt Hanson) One of the tallest in the garden!

             Edward Abbey (Curt Hanson) A very fine dark colored daylily.

                                     Curt Hanson dark seedling.

                                       Curt Hanson gold seedling

                                      Curt Hanson cream seedling

     I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment.  Next week I hope to feature some garden shots I have taken over the years at Curt's Crintonic Gardens.  To view Curt's new intros go to  Thanks for checking in.



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