Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patterns from 2015, Part two.

      I really enjoy patterned daylilies.  I wanted to include some more from this past summer.
At the very top of this page is Deborah Jorgensen (Dan Hansen).  This was one of my favorites from the past year.  Pictured right below it is The Fantastic Barbara Watts (Jeff Salter).  Enjoy the picture show of some other patterns from this past summer. 

                               Four Beasts in One (Di Decaire)

                            Bee Buzzes (Di Decaire) Parent of Four Beasts in One.

                            Lemon Zebra (Tim Bell)

                            Totem and Taboo (Di Decaire)

                            Tully Mars (Dan Hansen)

                            The Potters Touch (Larry Grace)

                             Tet. Colorful Etchings (Pierce conversion/ Carpenter)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks picture show.  I hope to feature some of the best toothies in the next installment.  Happy Gardening!

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