Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2016 Introductions are up.

     My 2016 introductions are up.  There are 4 of them.  I try to limit the amount I introduce because I want to only select what is the best, in my mind's eye.  Featured at the top of the page is Leonard Brickley, which I believe is the best of all 4 intros.  Lovely purple.  Lost the parentage tag, but I am almost certain it is from using Steve Moldovan's purple intros.  There are 3 more below.

                               Peg Campbell (Lewis 16)

                              Donald Campbell (Lewis 16)

                               Fred Campbell (Lewis 16)

That is all for this installment.  I am working feverishly on pictures of the best toothy daylilies from my garden this summer.  Stay tuned.  To view these introductions click on www.47daylilies.com.

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