Friday, October 17, 2014


     I am trying to catch up on posting some of my favorite pictures from this daylily season and I have a lot more pictures of patterned tetraploid daylilies to share.  My hybridizing has shifted gears over to tet. patterns.  No disrespect to diploid patterns.  Because of my Moldovan and Hanson influences, I have always preferred tetraploids.  Let's get started.  The beautiful patterned daylily above is Dan Hansen's 2013 introduction Debra Jorgensen.  This pattern really caught my eye this year.  It's currently reblooming in my garden right now.  Hope you enjoy the picture show.

Pictured above is Dan Hansen's Whale Tails.

Double bloom of Whale Tails.

Pictured above is Jamie Gossard's Butterfly Ripples.

Pictured above is Guy Pierce's Stencil De Fresco.

Pictured above is Di Decaire's Gentle Soul.

Pictured above is  Karol Emmerich's Handwriting on the wall.

Pictured above is a Moldovan seedling I am currently guesting. 

Pictured above is Ted Petit's Royal Cypher.

 I hope you enjoyed this week's installment.  Fall is coming on fast.  Getting ready to post my 2015 introductions soon.  Only 4 this year.  Happy gardening to you!

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