Thursday, November 1, 2018

Stripes, Speckles, and Spots 2018.

             Angela Ridder seedling. Spring 2019 introduction, name pending.

                              Rich Howard (Stuart Kendig, 2019 introduction)

   WOW! 2018 was a great summer for striped, speckled, and spotted seedlings. I was amazed by the number of cool seedlings being hybridized by my friends.  Here's this week's picture show:

                            Rich Howard (Stuart Kendig, 2019 introduction)

                                       Stuart Kendig seedling 17-01.

                   Cyclone All American (Lovell) Photograph by Elaine Seifert.

Explosion in the Paint Factory (Rich Howard) Photo by Paul K. Lewis. Parent of many of these striped daylilies above. Rich Howard won an HM for it this year.  Very deserving.
                    R2D2 Colorful Chaos (Chad Bush) Photo by Peter Donato.

                                               Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                                             Chad Bush seedling.

                           Clown Pants (Steve Todd) Photo by Peter Donato.

                                    Clown Pants seedling (Dave Mussar)                 

          Bill Waldrop seedling (Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane X Undefinable).

                               Sonja's Broken Sunbeam (Judy Sweeney)

                    Dave Mussar seedling (Sp. Freaky Tiki X Undefinable).

                     Dave Mussar seedling (Clear Conscious X Undefinable).

                            Dave Mussar seedling (Splatter X Undefinable)

                             Dots Galore (Dave Mussar, 2016 introduction)

                   A Hard Day's Starry Night (Dave Mussar, 2018 introduction)

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  A LOT of exciting things happening in this category of daylily hybridizing.  Happy gardening.


  1. What a fun looking collection of seedlings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. Glad you enjoyed it.