Sunday, April 21, 2013

My daylily Han Solo, a 2013 introduction

     I was emailed a picture of my 2013 introduction, Han Solo from Gil and Nancy Fuleki of Rushville,Ohio.
They were nice enough to let me share their photograph.  This picture was taken in JANUARY in their greenhouse.  Wow, that was really neat to see a photograph in January when here in Ohio everything is covered in snow.  Thanks Gil and Nancy!  I hope it set some pods for you.  Han Solo is my first introduction from my 2011 introduction Millennium Falcon.  The cross for Han Solo is Millennium Falcon X Catcher in the Eye.  It is both pod and pollen fertile. 
      Sorry this week's post is so short, but I have been digging daylilies that I sold on the Lily auction and tomorrow have to ship them to various places across the country.  Hope everyone is having a nice spring!


  1. So I was looking at your hybrids and their parents, and I wondered, do you choose the names of the babies based on the names of the parents? In my mind you do, and I was quite amused with the parents of KJ. Sums up my Dad pretty well.

    1. Kelly,

      K.J'S parents are Prince of Thieves and Royal Hunter. Your Dad doesn't seem to have that criminal aspect to him.....or maybe I don't know him that well. I've never known him to hunt either? Although he did hunt for some auto parts for my beat up Chevy that one may apply. LOL!