Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jeff and Elizabeth Salter's Daylilies, part 2.

     Well, here in northeast Ohio we have been getting a lot of rain.  It's getting the daylilies to start growing more, but next week we are expected to get another dosing of rain all week and sometimes I wish I could turn the weather on and off like a spicket, but that's not how life goes.  Anyway, let's continue with more of Jeff and Elizabeth Salter's wonderful daylilies.  Featured at the top of the page is a Salter seedling that said on the tag Pixie Pinwheel Party.  Not sure if that is going to be the official name, but that's what it is for now.
Right below it is Jeff Salter's 2012 introduction Cosmic Blast. What a really cool applique pattern!

The daylily pictured above is the Jeff Salter 2011 introduction, Sea of Cinders.  Nice orange parent!

This daylily above is the Jeff Salter 2011 introduction Camelot Red, also suppose to be a grand parent.

The daylily pictured above is the Jeff Salter 2010 introduction, Emerald Dream.  Nice green edge.

This daylily pictured is Jeff Salter's 2008 introduction Highly Dramatic.  The yellow daylily at the bottom of the page is a Salter seedling.  Hope you enjoyed this visit with the Salter's daylilies.  See you next week.


  1. I have loved daylilies since I was a child, but am new to the Salters' hybrids. They are really fabulous! Where can one purchase some of their older (read "affordable") daylilies? From their site? I have found a few at Oakes.

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You can check the Salter's website which is I would also suggest you looking on the Lily auction. Just google the words Lily auction and it should come up. Hope that helps.