Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is here to ruin the day.

     Well, if you lived a little further to the west in Detroit or St. Louis, consider yourself lucky.  They are projecting we are suppose to get 4 inches of rain this week.  What makes this weather event even worse is the fact that we have had a wetter than normal fall.  Things have gone from bad to worse and I still haven't finished lining daylilies out or even begun planting seed.  This whole coming week all I'm gonna do is work on tags.  What else can I do?  Rain is forecasted for every day through next Thursday. 

     On to less depressing subject matter.....I thought I would post some pictures of some of my favorite blooms from this past season.  Pictured at the very top is Gaudeamus, a Steve Moldovan daylily introduced in 2009.  Right below it is a seedling of mine out of a cross of Venus Fly Trap X Labyrinth of Solitude.  I'm thinking of introducing it in 2014.  At the bottom of the page are two of my favorite blue eyed daylilies.  The top photo is Persian Art from Carpenter, and the bottom photo is Paul Aucoin from Linda Agin.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I'm so tired of all the bad news.  Sometimes it's just easier to change the channel.


  1. Love your seedling, Paul! Looks like a big flower too. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Dan. Hope you fair well during this storm. Stay safe.