Sunday, October 14, 2012

Three toothy beauties and the hardest job of the season.

     Tonight's post may be a little short because of the lack of blooms outside as the bloom season slowly comes to an end.  I was going through all my pictures from the season and found this really cool picture of three toothy daylilies I had brought inside to harvest pollen from.  The daylilies (which are pictured above) are Gaudeamus (Moldovan 09) in the upper left hand corner, Briar Patch (Grace 10) in the upper right hand corner, and Happy Holidays from Mike Holmes in front.  The reason why I wanted to share this photograph is it is such a nice collection of toothy blooms.  I enjoyed using each of these daylilies this season.
      In the photographs below you can see my landscape trailer completely loaded with seedlings I had dug this season.  I had to get the compost pile out of my backyard, which borders on my neighbor's backyard. It was a bit of an eyesore and my neighbor was very understanding and patient with me finding time to remove them.  I have to say this was probably the hardest job I did all season.  I had to hand load all of these daylilies up, and this after it had rained all weekend making the weight of each daylily much heavier.
Slipping in the mud and puddles didn't make things any easier.  I am suppose to get a load of top soil tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to line out the last of the seedlings in the coming weeks.  It's late, but I have no choice.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Anyway, that's this week's installment.

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