Sunday, November 4, 2012

My visit to Moldovan gardens this summer.

     I stopped out to visit Roy Woodhall this past July.  I got to see some of Steve's last seedlings in bloom, which were truly amazing.  Steve made these crosses in July of 2006, the year he passed away.  Roy and a good friend, Wayne L. found a nice spot in the backyard and lined out Steve's last crosses. I saw the blooms last year and was really blown away, and they even looked better this year.  All I have written down are seedling numbers at this point, but I thought I would post what I considered the 4 best blooms.  The one at the very top is out of Digital Imagery, I'm pretty sure.  The toothy one at the bottom is either out of Buzz Saw or See me, feel me, touch me. (the toothy one was my personal favorite.) I hope you enjoy these blooms and hopefully we will see these introduced in the years to come.  Steve and Roy's daylilies continue to amaze me.   By the way, we got hammered with rain everyday last week.  Cleveland lost some power, but it was nothing compared to what happened along the east coast.  Thoughts and prayers go to those folks.


  1. Looks like god stuff to me - nice post! Were these in the '05 bed near the house?

  2. Dan,

    Yes, I believe these daylilies were closest to the back of the house. Just amazing stuff. There's a lot of future intros in that bed. Hope all is well with you.

  3. What do you use to amend soil in the daylily beds?

    1. I like to use bags of dehydrated cow manure and occasionally I use a local product called Sweet Peat, which is bagged compost.