Sunday, September 2, 2012

Season winds down, but I still have rebloom!

     I'm still planning on writing more about the late season winners, but I have had enough rebloom that I figured you'd rather see some pics of that.  Let me start out by saying that it's still been hot and dry here in Ohio.  We've had a total of 27 ninety plus temperature days this season.  The record is 34.  That's a record I would prefer to leave unbroken.  I'm a northern boy and love the milder temps.  I've been gathering a lot of seed lately.  Seed pods are cracking left and right.  Still down from last year in terms of the amount of seeds made. I've been lining out a few seedlings in my best seedling bed.  The reason I call it my best bed is because the seedlings mature very fast in that bed.  I see bloom in exactly one year, which is almost unheard of here in Ohio.  I try and put my best stuff there.  Anyway, here's the rundown on the photos.  The very top photo is of Rose Sensation from Pat Stamile, looking down my driveway at my best seedling bed.  I mix in some named daylilies in that bed now and then because of space constraints.  The second picture down is my seedling Pathway to Paradise X Best Edge, which I showed last week.  It's planted in front of a couple of seedlings just lined out.  At the top of the bottom of the page is Dale Hensley from Frank Smith.  What a beautiful red it is.  At the very bottom of the page you will see one of my favorite daylilies, Spectral Elegance, which is shot in a vase.  I had to bring the bloom inside for my wife to enjoy as well.  Spectral Elegance is a Pat Stamile daylily.  It is on rebloom right now and every flower is incredible.  Hope you enjoy the blooms folks!

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