Sunday, September 23, 2012

Variegated daylilies.

     Before I delve into variegated daylilies, let me just say that if you read last week's blog, you read that my wife and I put a bid in on a house in Chesterland which was priced at $66,900.  Well, two other "ALL CASH" investors put bids in as well and the bank will most likely go with them.  This is the reality of real estate these days.  Anyway, let's get into some less depressing subject matter....variegated daylilies.  I grow one variegated daylily, variegated Kwanso. (see image at top of page) I am not able to cross with it, but I like it for the novelty that it is.  The only daylily in my yard that is variegated.....or so I thought.  I have also come across a new daylily intro that is variegated, Identity Crisis introduced by Dan White this year.  It is a nice yellow toothy daylily with variegated foliage.  I became aware of this daylily through the lily auction.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a big lily auction follower and my good friend Rich Howard was selling some seeds from Identity Crisis.  His pictures caught my attention.  If you look at the photograph in the middle of the page you can see a picture of the flower of Identity Crisis, and right below it is a scape with some variegated pods that Rich Howard was nice enough to let me share.  Isn't that fascinating?  I haven't emailed Dan White to find out if any of his Identity Crisis seedlings are variegated, but it is exciting to see new developments in daylilies like this.  In my own garden, one of my daylily introductions, which I have not seen variegation in to this point, has thrown up a variegated fan.  It is my 2010 introduction Millennium Falcon. (see picture at the top of the bottom of the page.)  I don't know if this is just an anomaly or if it is going to stay variegated.  Stay tuned, ...I'll let ya know next year.  There is one other daylily that is variegated that I am aware of, but have never seen.  It is Golden Zebra introduced by Malan in 2003. I have put a photograph of Golden Zebra all the way at the bottom of the page.  Isn't it interesting we always look at the daylilies flower first, but now there are more reasons to start noticing the foliage as well.  Hope you enjoyed this week's segment.

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