Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jeff Salter's "Dark Moon Fair," and Vic Santa Lucia's "City Center."

     When I go back over the daylily photos from the past year, it seems the ones I photograph the most are my personal favorites of that year.  This year I had a ton of photographs of Jeff Salter's Dark Moon Fair.  I had bought Dark Moon Fair in 2010, but it seems to take a year for the new arrivals to settle in, and this past summer it really impressed me.  It is a fine purple color with a lighter lavender watermark, and a very nice ruffled gold edge.  Jeff writes in his description that Dark Moon Fair was one of the brightest, cleanest colors and was used extensively in his breeding.  Dark Moon Fair's parentage is ((Forbidden Fantasy X Seedling)X Spring Sensation.)  I highly recommend this daylily to you all.  Photos at the top of the page are Dark Moon Fair.
       The other daylily that caught my attention this year was Vic Santa Lucia's City Center.  Being a fan of great plant habit, City Center had very nice height, branching, and bud count.  Each bloom was very consistent and it was easy to work with.  It increased fast as well, making a nice clump for me.  I grow a lot of blue eyed daylilies and this one was very nice.  Very reasonably priced through Iron Gate Gardens for only $20.  Both photographs at the bottom are of City Center.  Well, that's this week's installment.  Here in northeast Ohio, winter is still holding on giving us a dusting of lake effect snow and temps in the 20's and 30's. like a lion....out like a lamb.  Let's hope.  Winter is just too long for me.

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