Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kelly Mitchell's "Dan Mack Mitchell," and Linda Agin's "Paul Aucoin."

     I thought today would be a good day to highlight two very impressive blue eyed daylilies.  We'll start with Kelly Mitchell's Dan Mack Mitchell, named for his father.  Kelly says in his description that Dan Mack Mitchell is the creme de la creme of his blue eyed and edged flowers.  The two photographs above are of Dan Mack Mitchell, taken in my garden this past year.  Kelly goes on to say that he believes Dan Mack Mitchell expands the gene pool for blue breeding in large Tet. flowers as it comes from lines that do not include Tet. Lavender Blue Baby in the parentage.  The cross for Dan Mack Mitchell is [(Ginny Mitchell X Seedling) X (Ginny Mitchell X Vanilla Lace)].  Introduced in 2009, it was very pollen fertile for me, and Kelly says that pods are moderately easy. I am excited to see what results I get from my crosses.
       The second daylily I would like to feature is Paul Aucoin, introduced by Linda Agin in 2009.  I was fortunate to buy a plant of Paul Aucoin from Barbara Burkhart and with the help of Linda's husband, Alan Sr., I received my plant in the spring of 2010.  Let me say both Alan Sr. and Barbara were very helpful in my purchase of Paul Aucoin.  If memory serves, Barbara said it was the last plant of Paul Aucoin sold.  It took one year to settle into it's new northern Ohio home, but this year it went to town.  I was very impressed by Paul Aucoin's plant habit.  Nicely branched and it was very easy to set pods on.  In the spring 2009 AHS journal Oliver Billingslea wrote a very nice article on Linda Agin's hybridizing and in it he says that in Linda's bluish eyes program, she was using the daylily Paul Aucoin.  It's no suprise, the daylily Paul Aucoin was very impressive in my garden this year.  I have two photographs featured below.  If you have a desire to buy Paul Aucoin I see it frequently available on the lily auction and I know of several sellers that have it.  These two blue eyed daylilies were some of my favorites this year.  I hope you enjoy the photographs.

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  1. Paul, I just came across this while looking for a photo of DMM. About to plant six fans of it. Goo photos of my namesake. Any great seedings?

    Paul Aucoin