Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nicole Harry Devito's Black Tie Affair

     Back in 2009, the big national convention was down in Florida and my wife and I wanted to try and get to as many daylily gardens as we could.  Nicole Harry was one of the newer hybridizers that had some introductions of interest to me, so we had the good fortune to see her daylilies and meet Nicole one Saturday morning.  Of the many daylilies I liked, the one that stood out that day was a seedling simply entitled A-6.  It really blew me away.  Such a nice dark rich color with some very prominent teeth. The photograph at the top of the page was taken the day we visited.  That following fall, Nicole introduced seedling A-6, now known as Black Tie Affair.  If you go to Nicole's website at, you can find Black Tie Affair listed under the fall 2009 intros.  In Nicole's description of Black Tie Affair, she says it was the number one hit of the 2009 National Convention, and if she had it potted up ready to sell, she probably would have sold out.  I feel fortunate I was able to buy Black Tie Affair the following spring and it has done quite well for me.  I have featured two photographs taken in my garden this year at the bottom of the page.  Black Tie Affair is from a cross of Mort Morss X In Cahoots.  One other thing I'd like to point out is her 2012 introduction, Bright in the night is out of Black Tie Affair.  If you are down in the heart of Florida, don't miss out on seeing Nicole Harry Devito's daylily garden.

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