Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dale Hensley's daylily "Heartless"

    Since I am writing about daylilies that I liked in my own garden this past season, I wanted to start out with a really nice red tet. from Dale Hensley introduced in 2011, called Heartless.  In his description, Dale calls Heartless a white based red, which is what I feel separates it from the other reds in my garden.  Dale goes on to say, "This one will stop you dead in your tracks. Simply unforgettable."  
     This is one of those daylilies you can see from a distance, a trait I look for in daylilies. The cross that produced Heartless is [(Lillian Kane X Season Finale)X Servando].  Heartless is a 6.5" flower that sits a top of a 40" scape, and is dormant.  Both the top and bottom photos were taken in my garden this past year.  Definitely a red everyone should have!

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