Friday, December 23, 2016

Streaks, stipples, and spots. Part 2.

                                 Sunny Caldwell seedling .5 (point five)

                                        Clown Pants (Steve Todd)

     I wanted to continue my streaks, stipples, and spots segment with more tetraploid advancements in this category.  Over the past year I have witnessed in person and seen on Facebook many new very cool daylilies with this look.  I am looking forward to the future of these types of daylilies and hope to be fortunate enough to create a few of them as well.  Here are some advancements from around the country:

 Sunny Caldwell seedling .5 (point five) It sometimes has two different colored blooms from the same plant.  Amazing!  Thanks Sunny for sharing these pics!

                       Clown Pants (Steve Todd)  Awesome daylily Steve!

                         William Marchant seedling. What a unique look!

                  Chad Bush seedling. Unbelievable. What an advancement!

                                Chad Bush seedling (speckles and teeth!)

                               Chad Bush seedling. Fantastic Chad!

    Wacky Wednesday (Elaine Seifert) photo courtesy of Elaine Seifert. Very nice!

          Wacky Wednesday (Elaine Seifert) photo courtesy of Dave Mussar.

                     Pretender (Bryant) (photo courtesy of Elaine Seifert)

            Augies Unique Beauty (Krupien) photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis

                     Alien DNA seedling (photo courtesy of Vic Santa Lucia)

       Undefinable (Nicole DeVito) photo taken by Paul K. Lewis in his garden.

There have been some really cool advancements in the world of dots on daylilies as well.  Take a look at these pictures from Dave Mussar of Canada of some of his intros.  Fantastic Dave!

                                        Dots Galore (Dave Mussar)

                                 Spots Before my Eyes (Dave Mussar)

                                    Spots and Stripes (Dave Mussar)

Special thanks again to all of the hybridizers for sharing
 their photos.  All pictures are the property of each person and reproduction without prior consent is prohibited.  Hope you enjoyed these segments.  Here's wishing everyone has had a nice holiday season and good new year.  I've got some good segments lined up for 2017, so stay tuned.  

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