Sunday, December 11, 2016

Streaks, Stipples, and Spots (Part 1) Tetraploids

                Tetraploid Pink Stripes (Waldrop/Derrow)photo by Paul K. Lewis

              Explosion in the Paint Factory (Rich Howard)photo by Paul K. Lewis

      Continuing with my segment about streaked, stippled, and spotted daylilies, I wanted to show the tetraploid advancements in this category.  Some years back my friend, Bill Waldrop from Georgia did a conversion on Pink Stripes. He sent me back a fan of it last year.  Also a recent breakthrough by Rich Howard came when he introduced Explosion in the Paint Factory.  I believe Tet. Pink Stripes and Explosion in the Paint Factory will be instrumental in advancing the look of these types of daylilies.  Recent introductions from Chad Bush are starting to make break throughs there as well. Below are photos of daylilies that have this kind of look.  Enjoy the picture show:

      Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane (Bill Waldrop 2017 intro) out of Tet. Pink Stripes

      Stuart Kendig seedling (Strawberry Milkyway X Explosion in the Paint Factory)

  Stuart Kendig seedling #2 (Strawberry Milkyway X Explosion in the Paint Factory)

       Paintball Party (Angie Ridder) out of Explosion in the Paint Factory.

                                   Paintball Party (Angie Ridder)

    Explosion in the Paint Factory selfed. (Photo courtesy of Rich Howard)

                                       Bill Waldrop seedling 6-49.

     Master Segeant Kenneth Lane X Tet. Yankee Pintripes (Waldrop/Howard)

    Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away (Chad Bush) photo by Paul K. Lewis

                  Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away seedling (Chad Bush)

I'd like to thank all the hybridizers for their photos.  Remember these photos are the property of each hybridizer and use without prior consent is prohibited.  There are some really exciting advances going on with daylilies and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for part 2 on this series where I will show you some really cool photos of some new intros and seedlings in this category.



  1. Hi Paul,
    I am so impressed with how thorough you have been in writing about streaked and spotted daylilies. There are so many odd forms appearing, and it won't be long before this new form will be in demand by "dayliliy friends" who want a different look in the garden. Thanks also for showing my conversions and for showing MASTER SERGEANT KENNETH LANE. I hope to get SGT. LANE introduced in 2018. I have 21 fans. I think that I need 40 to offer it to members of AHS.

    Thanks again for this article!

    Bill Waldrop

  2. Thanks Bill. I am also very grateful for you doing the conversion of Tet. Pink Stripes. I think that daylily will open a lot of doors for daylilies with this look. It is an exciting time to be hybridizing daylilies and I look forward to seeing all of yours in the years to come. Thanks again and happy holidays to you, Diana, and the rest of the Waldrop family.