Friday, December 2, 2016

Pink Stripes....where it all started.

               Pink Stripes (Mike Derrow 2006) Photo courtesy of Bill Waldrop

     Back in 2006, Mike Derrow introduced one of the first striped daylilies, Pink Stripes. I think I bought Pink Stripes from Mike in 2007.  It clumped up fairly fast and I thought to myself that wouldn't it be nice to have this daylily converted and used with tetraploids?!  Of course I am not skilled in the art of converting dips, so I sent a generous amount to my friend, Bill Waldrop in Georgia to be converted.  Just last year I got a converted fan back and have begun using Tet. Pink Stripes in my program this year.
 I wanted to see how many folks had gotten striped seedlings from using Pink Stripes, so I posted a thread on Facebook, and was blown away by how many people have seedlings and introductions from Pink Stripes.  Below you will see the many seedlings and intros from Pink Stripes:

            Mike Derrow seedling (Pink Stripes X Carnelian Chamelion) Wow!

                 Anna Carlson Pink Stripes seedling. Lovely seedling Anna!

          Cherry Stripes (Dave Mussar) A very fine introduction out of Pink Stripes.

                      Loretta Zink seedling (Pink Stripes X Lovely Margie)

                       Loretta Zink seedling (Pink Stripes X Lovely Margie)

                            Loretta Zink seedling (Pink Stripes X Unknown)

                          Loretta Zink seedling (Pitter Patter X Pink Stripes)

                  Loretta Zink seedling (Pink Stripes X Kaliedoscope Intrigue)

                        Loretta Zink seedling (Old Termite X Pink Stripes)
             Yankee Pinstripes (Rich Howard) Photo courtesy of Theresa Roth.

                              David Robinson Pink Stripes seedling.

       Jamaican Jammin X Pink Stripes (Photo courtesy of Nina Algers Waters)

              Dappled Dynamo (Mike Derrow introduction out of Pink Stripes)

All above photos are the property of each individual and use without prior consent is prohibited.  I'd like to thank all the above hybridizers for submitting their photos.  Special thanks goes to Mike Derrow for his wonderful creation of Pink Stripes, which I'm sure will open more doors in the years to come to the wonderful world of stripes in daylilies.  Mike hybridizes in Moundsville, West Virginia and here is a link to his website:   In the weeks to come I will be doing two more segments on Stripes, stipples, spots, and dots in daylilies, so stay tuned.  This seemed like the best way to kick this off.  Hope you enjoyed it.  

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