Sunday, March 24, 2013

The many faces of GAUDEAMUS!!!

GAUDEAMUS (means Let Us Rejoice in Latin)
35-04: (282-02: (125-00: (37-99: ((Vatican City x Red Candy) x Forestlake Raggamuffin) x 149-00:
(Trivia Pursuit x (Vatican City x (Voltaire x Lady Khan))) X 299-01: (Sparkling Champagne x Victorian Lace)
38 plus inch scape - 6 inch diameter - 4 to 5 way branching - 30+ buds - dormant

     I had to start this write up by posting the parentage of the daylily Gaudeamus.  It is extensive, isn't it? I also like reading in the Steve Moldovan description (written by Roy Woodhall), "they grabbed a shovel and moved this daylily from the seedling field to one of the main beds immediately, which is rarely done at Moldovan gardens."  I think the first time I noticed Gaudeamus was in 2007 in one of special beds up near the guest house.  Many times the description, "branched like an oak tree" is over used to describe a daylily, but there is no better way to describe Gaudeamus's plant habit.  It was incredible.  All the photos at the top of the page are of Gaudeamus.  The one at the very top is from the Moldovan website.  In the years following the first time I saw it, Roy was nice enough to share some pollen with Gaudeamus with me.  At that time I really didn't have a great amount of toothy things to put it on, so I put it all over Forestlake Ragamuffin and Brother Charles Reckamp's daylily, Charlie.  I will tell you that Gaudeamus seedlings have that wonderful candelabra branching it is so known for, and I'm happy to report that the teeth are passed on easily as well.  If you are planning on buying Gaudeamus, I would strongly recommend you don't put it in a greenhouse. Gaudeamus is a dormant and loves to be planted in the ground.  It seems a little slow to increase, but it is worth the wait.  I believe Roy Woodhall is currently sold out, but I have seen fans for sale on the Lily auction from time to time.  A great Moldovan daylily and I hope to continue to breed with it and show you my results in the coming years.  The seedling pictured at the bottom is a cross of Charlie X Gaudeamus.  By the way, there is snow in the forecast again for Ohio this week.  This March has been a huge disappointment.  Spring has not sprung in my neck of the woods!!!


  1. Well Paul I may have to put this one on my wish list. I usually don't go chasing after the toothy ones, daylilies that is ! This could be one of those pretty exceptions.

    1. John,

      Yes, it is one of those classic Moldovan daylilies that will stand the test of time.
      Of my current Moldovan daylilies, the ones I couldn't live without are Ron Valente, Seraglio, Imperial Wizard, Gaudeamus, Mahdi, and Steve Moldovan's namesake purple daylily.

  2. Paul,

    Most of mine are older. Though I do have a few newer ones and like them all. Philosopher's Stone, Vintage Victorian, Bravo Carouso, and Flying Trapeze are among them. Have about 50 of Steve's all told.

    1. J,

      Having any Moldovan daylily in your yard is always a good thing! I bought Bravo Caruso last fall. Also grow Flying Trapeze.

    2. Paul, I went out and got Gaudeamus on your recommendation & high praise, I'm looking forward to using it with a number of my polychrome teeth.
      I might be late to the party but I will try to catch up.
      Ed Burton