Sunday, March 10, 2013

Curt Hanson's daylilies.

     Well, in last week's post I had featured John Kinnebrew's daylilies and it was brought to my attention that Jamie Gossard will be introducing John's last daylilies.  That's good news.  I look forward to being able to buy some of those great toothy daylilies. 
     So, as we get closer to spring, I have to start focusing on getting the garden ready, but before that takes full focus, I thought I would share some great photos of some of my favorite Curt Hanson daylilies from last season.  Where does one begin when talking about your favorite Curt Hanson daylily, there are so many! I have the good fortune of living about 10 minutes away from Curt, so I get multiple opportunities to photograph his garden and daylilies.  I used to be Curt's neighbor, only living a couple of houses away, but my finances took a hit about 6 years ago and I had to move to my current house with my wife in Mayfield Heights.  I miss living that close to Curt, but you have to roll with the punches in life, and my wife's property still affords me the luxury of growing and hybridizing daylilies.  Life is good!!!
     Let's start with the photos.  At the very top of the page is a photo taken by Wayne Listowski of my friends, Curt Hanson, Dan Robarts, Marty Piconnin, and Roy Woodhall. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Robarts, thanks to Dan for sharing it.) The photo right below it is a field shot of some of Curt's seedlings.

The daylily above was a visitor's favorite and will be introduced this spring.

This daylily is Wikileaks, a 2011 Curt Hanson, introduction. Nice pattern!!!

This daylily above is Van Gogh's Ear, a 2012 introduction. Very unique sculpted form!

This daylily is a personal favorite, called Fun in Acapulco. Flower is 8 to 9" in size.

This daylily is another favorite, Celestial Virgins, which is out of Ruffled Strawberry Parfait.

Curt has some excellent TALL daylilies as well.  This yellow is called the Space Race, and you
can see how tall it is with Curt standing just in front of it.    
     Well, at the very bottom of this page are some of Curt's seedlings he was using for crossing
 last season.  Curt always tries to emphasize to me that it is easy to hybridize a pretty flower, the tough thing is to hybridize a pretty flower, with great plant habit, and excellent foliage.  Curt's daylilies are easy to grow since they have been tested in some really difficult growing conditions and rocky soils.  If you are in the northeastern Ohio area during peak bloom around mid July, you have to stop by Curt's place and check out his garden.  He grows daylilies from all across the country and his gardens and pond are always such a nice place to visit.  I'm pretty sure Curt's 2013 catalogs will be sent out in the next month or so.  Hope you enjoyed the visit to Crintonic Gardens.


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