Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time to dig the reject seedlings and some late season bloom.

       Well, thank goodness for a very timely cool down complete with a good dousing of rain.  It just so happened that I had to start digging my reject seedlings.....of which there are plenty to dig.  The temps dipped down into the 60's and 70's and it was over cast.  Ideal temps for digging for long stretches of time.  It is hard labor, no getting around that.  I've heard of some hybidizers roto tilling their rejects.  I get that this might be a simpler way to get it taken care of, but I'm still only 49 and I've seen my old neighbor Curt Hanson, who I believe is in his 60's, digging a seedling field larger than mine in 90 degree temperatures.  Watching how hard Curt works inspires me to work harder.   So today I got a large portion of the front yard dug.  You can see in the picture at the very top of the page, the beginnings of my digging.  The picture right below it is of some pods I set on Dan Hansen's Robin Lee.  It's extremely fertile.  If you get a chance to get Robin Lee, don't pass it up.  It's a very impressive rose red daylily. 

      The late season has begun in my garden.  Most of my daylilies are bloomed out, so it is nice to see the lates doing their thing.  I decided to post one of the nicer lates.  In the middle of the page is Curt Hanson's Sky Captain.  Lovely TALL pink tet. with a nice long bloom season.  On the lower right I had to post a seedling of mine.  The cross is Linda Agin's Bitten Agin X James Townsend's Silver Shark.  I bought the seeds for this seedling on auction and am surprised to see such a unique flower bloom from the cross.  I believe this seedling is blooming out of season because it is a one year old seedling.  On the lower left is Pat Stamile's Crowning Fire.  Wow, what a great red!  It is on it's re bloom scape right now.  I hope to do a more in depth write up about the late season daylilies, because I've left a few of the good ones out, not on purpose of course.  Happy gardening.

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