Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some of my favorite late season daylilies.

     Was out digging the reject seedlings again today.  I've been lucky two weekends in a row having temps in the 60's and 70's with overcast conditions.  I'm starting to make a little headway.  Anyway on to one of my favorite subjects....the late season of daylily bloom.  We always refer to peak bloom in the daylily world as the time when most all of our daylilies are in bloom.  It is a wonderful time, no doubt, but when we would get past that season, there used to be a month of just looking at our seed pods and dried up scapes...not anymore.  I feel very fortunate to be located so close to Curt Hanson and have had the luxury of seeing his daylilies at all times of the year.  Those of you who don't know Curt probably aren't aware of what wonderful late season daylilies he's hybridized in recent years, but I am here to open your eyes to some of his best tonight.  At the very top of the page is The Dream Society.  This is a welcome color addittion to the late season which is dominated by yellows and golds.  The Dream Society is this wonderful shade of blue purple.  Right below it is his pink daylily Long Live Love.  I don't have a photograph handy, but let me tell you this daylily in branched like an oak tree.  Both daylilies are pollen and pod fertile and I would consider them to be in the "very late" season category.  At the top of the bottom of the page is a clump shot of Curt's Afterglow of Love, which has been stealing the show out at the front of my property.  And below that is an old favorite called Sandra Elizabeth, hybridized by Don Stevens back in 1983.  I hope to feature a few more lates in my next installment.  Thanks for checking in.

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