Friday, December 2, 2011

Gaudeamus. Another great Moldovan daylily!

Well, what I had hoped to use my blog for was to share pictures of recent daylily introductions that perform well in my garden and share my observations.  I have a lot of spare time in the winter, and this seems like the best time for me to put this blog together.  Anyway, I can't say enough good things about one of my favorite hybridizers, Steve Moldovan.  Steve was a good friend and mentor to me in my earlier years of hybridizing. I hope to highlight some of Steve's best intros in my blog this winter.  Gaudeamus seems like a perfect start. Gaudeamus was introduced in 2009.  According to Roy Woodhall's comments the daylily was selected and moved from a seedling field to a more desirable bed the year it was discovered.  This is rarely done at Moldovan gardens.  I was fortunate enough to see it back in 2007 for the first time and was blown away. Gaudeamus has amazing 4 and 5 way branching.  I purchased a single fan in 2009, and since it is dormant,
it seems very happy to be planted in the ground.  I seem to remember hearing it wasn't as happy in the greenhouse.  It was easily fertile both ways for me this past summer.  It is out of Forestlake Ragamuffin breeding, but according to it's pedigree, it has a lot of Vatican City in it as well.  Hmmm.  Maybe I need to experiment using Vatican City in my teeth program??!! Gaudeamus means let us rejoice in Latin.  If you get a chance to get a fan of Gaudeamus, don't hesitate to do so.  I have bloomed a couple seedlings from it and it definitely passes it's teeth on to it's kids.  I hope you enjoy this picture I am attaching taken in my garden this past summer. 

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