Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vertical Horizon......what a great parent!

     Whenever Roy Woodhall and I would discuss the daylilies that were the best parents introduced from Steve Moldovan, Vertical Horizon would always come up in conversation.  Vertical Horizon was introduced in 2006, and since it's introduction it has been the parent of great daylilies such as Piece of Sky, Pirates of Penzance, and Vintage Victory just to name a few.  I've always enjoyed the photograph of Steve Moldovan posted above. (image courtesy of Roy Woodhall) You can see Steve hybridizing right next to a clump of Vertical Horizon. When I first started coming to Moldovan gardens, I was mostly impressed with daylilies with a gold edge.  That was the big thing back in the early 2000's.  It wasn't until I stopped out one weekend and Steve took a bloom of Piece of sky out of the refrigerator that I became enamoured with blue eyed daylilies.  What better place to start than the parent of Piece of sky, Vertical Horizon.  It was a no brainer.  I purchased Vertical Horizon in 2006, the year of it's introduction.  I think I planted the first seeds from crosses involved with it in 2007.  I am starting to see some of it's seedlings these past couple years and I am very impressed.  Walking the fields out at Moldovan gardens these past couple years with Roy, you can see that Vertical Horizon isn't just a good parent for eyes, but an excellent parent for patterns.  I'm sure we will see many future introductions from Vertical Horizon out of Moldovan gardens in the future.  In case you were wondering what the parents of Vertical Horizon were, the cross is (Merchant Marine X S381-96(Moonlit Masquerade X Mason's Mark). Vertical Horizon is dormant, with a 6" flower, sitting atop a 36" scape, with 4 way branching. It has been easily fertile both ways producing pods filled with ripe black seeds.  It has been a pleasure to grow Vertical Horizon. (image below courtesy of Roy Woodhall)

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