Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue eyed seedling. (future intro, Dick Goddard)

Well, instead of posting depressing pictures of my front yard as in previous posts,
I thought I would talk about one of my more exciting future introductions, Dick Goddard.
I probably won't introduce this daylily until 2015, since I don't have much of it at this point,
but it is probably my best seedling to date.  It is a cross of Steve Moldovan's Seraglio (pod)
X John Rice's Don Herrell. (pollen) The first time it bloomed was last year, but the plant
hadn't really established.  This year it stole the show.  Nice plant habits, desirable foliage,
good branching and bud count.  It set pods easily and is pollen fertile.  I look forward to
using it more in the years to come and hopefully it will be a good parent.  It is being named
Dick Goddard after a local Cleveland, Ohio weatherman who is also very active with our

animal humane societies in helping animals to get adopted.  Dick has been doing
the weather forecasts here in Cleveland, Ohio since 1961, and is still going strong
at 80 years old.