Saturday, May 12, 2018

Well branched daylilies.

                            Scandinavia (Mahieu) Photo by Dave Mussar.

       Voluptuous Blonde (Rice) Photo by Paul K. Lewis, at John Rice's garden.

  Was thinking about some of the better branched daylilies I have seen and some I've just seen pictures of and here is what I would call a sampling.  I hope to put a more detailed segment together in the future.  Here is your picture show for this week:

               Up on the Roof (Curt Hanson) Incredible branching on this one.

                                    Building the Collussus (Curt Hanson)

                    Purple Tarantula (Jamie Gossard) Photo by Theresa Maris.

                              Pack Hunter (Mahieu) Photo by Brian Reeder.

                             Genesta (Marshall-Earl) Photo by Anna Carlson.

                                              Phillip's Tree (JR Blanton)

                                              Phillip's Tree (JR Blanton)

Hope you enjoyed that brief segment.  Hope you are all having a great Spring.

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  1. I love 'Purple Tarantula'. I definitely need to add this one to my garden.