Friday, December 29, 2017

Patterned Daylilies from 2017.

                            Ron Reimer future diploid intro, Silver Circles.

                                      Di DeCaire Purple Peace seedling.

     What a great year 2017 was for patterns.  After going down to Florida in May and seeing all the new additions to my garden, it is clear that patterns are leaping ahead into new territories.  Some of the most exciting seedlings were shared by my friend, Di DeCaire, who I had the opportunity to visit this year.  Here are some of Di's newest seedlings below:

                                       Di DeCaire Percussion seedling.

                                      Di DeCaire Percussion seedling.

                                             Di DeCaire seedling.

                                             Di DeCaire seedling.

                                              Di DeCaire seedling.

    Here's some more patterned intros from across the country.  It's exciting to see patterns showing up on different colored backgrounds now.  Here are some more:

                   Ron Reimer diploid seedling.  Wow, amazing presentation!

    Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Emmerich 2018) photo courtesy of Karol Emmerich.

       Chaos Choreography (Elizabeth Salter) photo courtesy of Patrick Guidry.

                      Charlotte's Desire (Guy Pierce) Photo by Paul K. Lewis

                       Bill Maryott seedling. (Photo courtesy of Bill Maryott)

          Paul Van Mechelen seedling. (Photo courtesy of Paul Van Mechelen)

                      Dan Robarts seedling (Photo courtesy of Dan Robarts)

                        Waylon (Pat Stamile) Photo courtesy of James Clancy.

                       Kirsten Hatfield seedling (Destined to see X Get Jiggy).

                                             Bobbi Johnson seedling.

            Positive Introspection (Dan Hansen) photo courtesy of Dan Hansen.

            Mike Holmes patterned seedling. (Photo courtesy of Mike Holmes)

Wow, what a collection of patterns!  Hopefully that warmed you up from the winter doldrums. Next up is a segment on my friend, Dave Mussar. Excited to see Dave's program. Happy Holidays folks!


  1. Beautiful patterns! Thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from South Africa:)

  2. Thanks Karel, Glad you enjoyed it. Paul K. Lewis

  3. Thanks for the photos, Paul. Patterns are what I find most exciting!

    1. Thanks Subhana. Always enjoy your daylilies.

    2. Just purchased my first (and second) daylily by Ron..Super excited about seeing it and using it! Patterns are evolving by leaps and bounds.

  4. Thanks for your comment David. Yes, they are moving ahead very fast. I'm sure we'll see some nice advancements in the next couple years.