Sunday, November 5, 2017

Some daylily seedlings from around the world.

Jacob Corban Tet. Seedling JC18-17. Wow! Jacob is only 14. Great work Jacob!

              Larry Schortgen Tet. Seedling. (Photo courtesy of Elaine Seifert)

      Theresa Maris seedling out of Bluegrass Memories.  This is awesome!

                        Daniel Robarts All Things to All Men seedling.  Wow.

                  Stacy Swaim future intro, Concerto for Steve.  Great colors.

       Tadeusz Kotula seedling number 15-138G.  Lovely combination of colors.

      Rich Howard Ruffled Strawberry Parfait seedling.  Excellent presentation.

Well folks, there's a nice sampling from around our wonderful country.  Stay tuned. Next segment with feature a visit with Jammins Daylilies! The daylilies of June, Ben, and Amanda Singletary.

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