Saturday, October 28, 2017

Some nice daylilies from 2017.

                                     Barbara's Blessing (Dan Hansen)

                                          Helicoprion (Dan Hansen)

      Let's get the party started.  I'm going to start posting pictures from the past season. These are daylilies grown in my garden.  Hope you enjoy the picture show.

              Tessa Ann (Dan Hansen) Best blue eyed daylily I have ever seen.

                                 Weirdly Wired (Luddy Lambertson)

                            Pink Puma (Chad Bush) Love this toothy.

            Linda Zak (A future intro from Paul K. Lewis, named after my sister.)

            Helen Matia (A future intro from Paul K. Lewis, named after my niece.)

Justin Torer (A future intro from Paul K. Lewis, to be named after my brother.)

                                  Shirley's Green Teeth (Shirley Farmer)

          Dad's Black Gold (Mark Sattelmeier) This one continues to impress.

Well, that's the latest from Northeast Ohio.  We've had a very mild October, but temps seem to be falling.  I have lots of seed to get in the ground.  Time is of the essence.  Thanks for checking back in. Stay tuned.


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